Saturday, December 11, 2010

Home to Sunny California

I have been taking a break from blogging as we are back to our old home town visiting family for the holidays and Joe has doctor and dentist appointments, needs to go into the office for some meetings. We also need to have some work done on the motor home. Within a few days of arriving at Newport Dunes, we were finally able to go to a hockey game. Chris, our oldest son, got tickets from his friend that has season tickets. We have missed going to games after having season tickets for a number of years. We went with Chris and one of his brothers, Michael. Unfortunately the Ducks were shut out and we didn't get to do much cheering. However, later in the week Chris got more tickets and he and Carol and us went to another game that ended in the shoot out win for the Ducks. Yeah!!!!. More exciting game for sure.
Another project we had to do was help clean up my parents house. My dad had to go into the hospital as he had fallen again. He wasn't hurt but his blood pressure was high. THey then transferred him to a nursing home so they could have him do therapy to strength his legs a little. In the mean time, Kristi and Brock put our Mom in a board and care as she can't be alone in their house due to her dementia. WHen my dad able to leave the nursing home, they had him go into another board and care that is owned by the same person as where Mom is. THis one is right next door to Kristi and Brock. My dad realizes that they can't go back to that big two story house and so wants to sell it. There is a lot of work to do as my Mom saved everything. There is a lot to just go through and throw away. Then sort through what needs to be given away or sold or kept. So we have spend a number of days on that.
A more exciting event this month was that we finally got our new puppy. Savannah flew into John Wayne Airport and we went to pick her up. SHe came on Continental Airline which is an airline that a lot of breeders and people who show dogs use as they take very good care of the animals. We picked her up at a place a few blocks from the airport and there were two other dogs that had flown with her. She is just the sweetest dog. She was so happy to get out of her travel crate and just gave us lots of kisses.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cattail Cove State Park, Lake Havasu

Boy, were the racers lucky. The weather had been nice on the days of the races. However, Sunday was really windy. So much so, that they probably wouldn't have been able to race. We stayed another day and left for Cattail Cove State Park on Monday. The park is right on the Colorado River between Parker and Lake Havasu. We were able to get a spot pretty close to the water for a nice view. We will be staying here until Friday when we will head back to California.


This is definitely a place we would come back to to stay this winter for a few weeks. A nice combination of water and desert. Places to hike and to kayak as well. We went into Lake Havasu, about 15 miles away for shopping and  some lunch and to just check out the area several days while we were here.