Saturday, January 1, 2011

Holiday Cheer

We had nice holidays. Xmas eve we went to Karol and the boys for dinner. We had cooked a pork roast in the slow cooker. We have really been using it alot lately. Meat comes out so tender. It had a sauce that included cranberries and golden raisins that I found on one of the slow cooker blogs I use, A Year of Slow Cooking. I also made a dish with apples and leeks that went well with the roast. Karol made all the rest. Everything was great. Dusty, their cat, was very friendly when we were there. Usually she would be upstairs most of the time. We brough Savannah and she and Dusty got along pretty good.

Karol gave one of her gifts to Chris early. It was a NHL game for the Wii. It is a pretty cool game. You can pick your teams( of course Anaheim Ducks was used for one of the teams), You can also practice shooting and lots of other cool things. It is a fairly new game and so the players are current as of last season.

Joe just relaxing after dinner

Got one of Karol who trys to avoid having her picture taken.

Chris playing some Wii Hockey
Michael kicking up with a beer

Didn't take a lot of pictures. One of Casey didn't come out. I must have been on a wrong setting and a few of the pictures came out fuzzy. Sorry Casey.

For Christmas day we went to Kristi and Brock's. Heather was there but Kori went to her boy friend Nick's parents house for dinner. Casey and Michael came for dinner as well as my Dad. Chris and Karol ate at her Mom's but stopped by after dinner. We all played some Wii games and just talked and enjoyed being together as a family.

New Years Eve we went to the Back Bay Cafe which is right by one of the boat ramps and in the Dunes Park. It was nice. First New Years Eve I didn't spend at work for over 10 years. I don't miss that at all.

We were going to leave at beginning of January but our slide needs fixed. We had a mobile repair guy out but he determined that it needs to go into a shop to be fixed. bummer. We need to set up a time to take it in. ALso having the microwave/convention oven fixed. So we are not sure when we will be able to head to Arizona where we want to spent a few months. Hopefully somewhere warmer with less rain. I like rain but we have really had a lot since we got here. Much more than normal for this time of the year in Orange County. And trying to house train a puppy who needs to go out often even if it is raining is not much fun. Can't whine too much as it is certainly better than being back East with all their major storms.
Well hope everyone had real nice Holidays. Bring on the New Year and further adventures in Trails End.