Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Colorado National Monument

On Saturday morning we headed to the Green River SP but when we got there, the sites open seem a little too tight for us to fit into with our beast. Our next spot was the Colorado National Monument and so we made our way there. When we turned off the 70 we weren't sure we picked the right turn and drove for a little while and happen to see a State Park right off the road. We were told they were full but when I mentioned the National Monument they called ahead and found out there were spots open. It turned out it was a good thing we happen to stop at the State Park first. They told us that we had to go through two tunnels and there was a sign that said it was only 10 foot something height. They said people often saw that sign and turned around but big rigs can actually get through if they stay close to the middle which is over our 12'6" height. We drove the winding road up the hill with beautiful scenery. The campground is lovely as well with lots of trees, great views and spacious sites.

We had a great little sitting area below us but unfortunately didn't get to use it as it was TOO FRIGGING COLD!! One day we even got a little snow showers but not quite cold enough to stick on the ground. This is on the list to return to when the weather is warmer. We still enjoyed our time here though. Rimrock Road is a 23 mile drive through spectacular canyons cut deep into sandstone and granite rock formations. This is an area of desert land high on the Colorado Plateau, with pinion and juniper forests on the plateau. We drove part of it stopping at a number of the overlooks for amazing views of the rock formations.

We came up Rim Rock from Fruita about 7 or 8 miles to the campground. Another day we drove the rest of the road that ends in Grand Junction. We did a little shopping and then went back up the hill through Fruita. Below is one of the tunnels we went through. There were two between Fruita and the campground and one more closer to Grand Junction.

Had a nice sunset one night.

Of course Saturday night found us watching the sixth game of the first round playoffs against Dallas. It looked like there was going to be a game seven up until the last 3 minutes of the game when the Ducks scored twice to tie the game and then won in overtime. Another nail bitter. Ducks are on to the second round which turned out to be against the Kings. This is the first time the cross town rivals play against each other in the Stanley Cup Finals in the 20 years the Ducks have been a team. I took some pictures of the tv as we weren't there in person to see them. Sob sob. GO DUCKS.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Last Day of 4 Wheeling and a Final Dinner

We had a shorter run on Friday.  We drove on the Klondike Bluff Trails  with the intentions of making a stop to see some dinosaur tracks. We parked and walked up a hill to check out the fossilized dinosaur tracks.

Below is Savannah standing next to a footprint as big as her.

We headed on with Dennis spotting some of us over a rough patch. 

\Some of the group went on to some more difficullt trails but Joe and I decided to check out HorseThief BLM campground where we thought we would spent a few days after the Ralley is over on Saturday. When we were here in 2011 it wasn't that busy but it was full this time. There will be a change in plans it seems.
Anyway, Friday night we went to the Red Cliffs Lodge for our final dinner.  It was fun. There was a buffet service of steak or chicken, beans, corn on the cob. We were on a patio with great views.

There were door prizes with enough for every couple to get one. We  got a couple of water bottles with Moab written on them and a 4 wheel drive calendar. We had a good ralley and really enjoyed getting to know everyone. Saturday came and we packed up and headed up in a different state by the end of the day.
More on that in the next post.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

More 4 Wheeling in Moab

Thursday, we packed a lunch and water, etc and headed for our meeting place for another Jeep run. This one is to the Hey Joe Canyon. We drove to HWY 191 to 313 to Spring Canyon Bottom Road.

We went on a well maintained road but then descent into Spirng Canyon where we drive on a narrow ledge road cut into vertical red cliffs. We drive slowly and carefully.

Soon we are driving along the Green River with more beautiful scenery. Pat gets on the cb and tells us to stop as their is a closed road ahead sig. We find a nice place to stop for lunch before heading back.

Our doggies are happy to get out and check out the area.

We had another happy hour and another dinner out at a restaurant up on a hill overlooking Moab. Great views, great food and great conversation.