Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Owl Canyon

Our last day at Jojoba was spent with Kristi and Brock. We went to have lunch at the Leoness Cellars,which we had seen good reviews on. Being Sunday, it was very busy and we had about an hour wait for lunch. We shared a tasting. Whatever happen to free tastings. Those were the days. Tastings these days are in the 20 dollar range for 6 small tastes. We then ended up buying a bottle and sat on the patio sipping on a nice Zin. Lunch was also in another covered patio area and was excellent. There were 8 types of fries and so we all shared that as an appetizer. The one we picked had bacon, parmesan and garlic. I had halibut and risotto with a great wine sauce, which was awesome. It was great to see Kristi and Brock again before we took off for our 6 month trip.
The next day we did last minute laundry and did our recycle job for the last time until we return and took off for a relatively short drive to Barstow. Yes, Barstow. Whoever would have thought there was a nice camping area in that area in which we have traveled through many times, including our many trips to our favorite ski spot, Park City. We had read in several blogs about Rainbow Basin and Owl Canyon Campground and so decided it was a good spot for a short stop. There is a 5 mile washboard road that we had to drive very slowly across to keep from shaking the motorhome apart. Once there we found a nice little campground set among the rocks. No hookups, but inexpensive and hardly anyone there.

We stayed two nights and took a drive on the Rainbow Basin loop.Rainbow Basin is a geological formation in the Calico Peaks range. It is designated as a National Natural Monument and is known for its beautiful shapes and coloring of the rock formation and its fossil beds.

There were also some Joshua Trees in the area.

Our nest stop was Valley of the Fire Stte Park, north of Las Vegas. We didn't have internet there and so I am catching up again on posts. At leasat that is my excuse. Stay tune for a really beautiful area.

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