Thursday, April 24, 2014

More 4 Wheeling in Moab

Thursday, we packed a lunch and water, etc and headed for our meeting place for another Jeep run. This one is to the Hey Joe Canyon. We drove to HWY 191 to 313 to Spring Canyon Bottom Road.

We went on a well maintained road but then descent into Spirng Canyon where we drive on a narrow ledge road cut into vertical red cliffs. We drive slowly and carefully.

Soon we are driving along the Green River with more beautiful scenery. Pat gets on the cb and tells us to stop as their is a closed road ahead sig. We find a nice place to stop for lunch before heading back.

Our doggies are happy to get out and check out the area.

We had another happy hour and another dinner out at a restaurant up on a hill overlooking Moab. Great views, great food and great conversation.

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