Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Drive through Capitol Reef National Park

Capitol Reef National Park is 100 miles long but quite narrow. It is very dramatic with its high cliffs, canyons, red rock formations and green valleys. It reminds me of Zion NP. There are no entry points and only one small campground in the park. Capitol Dome is a majestic white sandstone formation which some say resembles the Capitol Dome in DC and so the name of the park.

 We got a little rain while there as you can see from the picture I took below from inside the Jeep.

Fruita is a small town in the park and where the campground and visitor center are. There are more than 2,500 fruit trees and visitors can wander among the orchards and pick fruit when in season. They were planted by Mormon pioneers.

We stopped at a small store that sells fruit pies and other items. It was late in the afternoon and so no pies or it might just be because of the season. Anyway, we bought some sweet potato butter(love sweet potatoes), which we later used on some lamb tips we had bought from 'Trader Joe's. Yummy. We also got some salsa.
We stopped to check out the Fremont Petrglyphs which were etched in sandstone by the Fremont people who inhabited the area nearly 1,000 years ago and can be seen from the Hickman Bridge Trail which is just off the main road.

It was a nice day and we enjoyed our time in this part of beautiful Utah and are now headed to Moab and our 4 Wheel Drive Escapees Hop. The adventures continue.

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