Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fire Wave in the Valley of Fire

The trail to the Fire Wave use to be some what of a secret and is still not shown in the brochures found in the visitor center. I had read about it in Wheeling It Blog. We headed up the road from the visitor center which has a number of turnouts with various trails. We made our way near the top of the road to parking lot 3. There is now a sign pointing to the trail on the other side of the road and the trail is now well marked with posts along the way.

It is Spring!! :Lots of pretty desert flowers along the road.

The trail is .6 miles one way and there is just a slight up and down elevation change. There is some walking in sand and up on slick rock the closer you get to the Wave.

The Wave which is a multicolored sandstone formation created over millions of years. Awe, mother nature strikes again.

It was a little on the warm side and so we stopped and ate some apples while Savannah got to rest in some shade for awhile. We talked to some other hikers and we took turns taking each other's pictures.
It was a great fine and we are so glad to got to see this. There are so many places to explore and we will definitely be back in this area.

 Another day we drove in the Lake Mead area and checked out Stewart's Point, which is a nice free boondocking spot overlooking the water. There is a long 5 mile washboard road to get there which we had to drive slow in the jeep. We thought about moving over there but will save that for another time

We also went into Henderson one day to check out some Class B Leisure Vans. We have thought about one day just keeping our motorhome at Jojoba and downsizing to a smaller unit for travel in the future. They are pretty nice thought it would take some getting use to something that small. Good points are we could get into a lot more interesting spots, especially boodocking and national forest spots that we are sometimes to big to get into.  We also stopped at REI so I could get a new pair of shoes I was looking at. With my yearly dividend, a 20% discount and a gift card, I didn't pay anything. Love that!! We really enjoyed our stay in this area but will be heading towards Moab with a few stops in between.
Before I go, I want to say Congrats to our Anaheim Ducks. They not only are Pacific Division winners but number 1 in the Western Conference, missing the Presidential Trophy to Boston by one point. Onto the Stanley Cup playoffs. We watched the last game which is also Teemu Selanne's last regular system game. There was a lot of celebration that night. He got standing ovations throughout the game. At the end he got all 3 stars of the game. There was a lot of hugs with all the playaers including the Colorado Avs. The highlight to me was when Selanne grabbed JS Giguere, who played in goal for the AVs. Jiggy has a special place in our hearts as he was such a great goalie for us when we got to game 7 in the Finals in 2003 and of course when we won the Cup in 2007. He is probably going to retire as well as Teemu and we will miss these two great hockey players. By the way, the Ducks won that game in overtime.

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