Friday, October 31, 2014

Days at Jojoba Hills

I usually take a break from blogging when we are hanging out in the southland during fall/winter. However, here is a catch up blog on what we have been up to for the last few months. We got back and got back into the routine of volunteer work, such as mailroom, recycling and road crew which Joe will be starting soon. Of course, socializing with our fellow Jojobians along with dinners and breakfasts are part of this life style and we jumped right in to those.  As much as we like spending time here, we probably won't come back so early in the future as the weather is just too hot. We even bought some fans to use in addition to our air conditioners. Fortunately the last week has been much nicer with nice breezes and temperatures in the 70s.
 Kristi and Brock came over one weekend for dinner and we also met them for dinner before we all went to a Ducks game. We bought a hockey pack of seven games which include the Ducks and Winnepeg game in January when Teemu Selanne will be honored and his jersey number retired.  Of course, Joe went into the OC to his work a couple of times and hie got a new doctor whom he really likes.  Jojoba had its famous Yard Sale which was a hugh success. It amazes me how much stuff is collected for the sale. We did our small part in helping out.
We have also been doing some work on our site. Below is a picture of our new addition, a gazebo and roll up blinds which gives us some nice shade on our sunny spot. It was a lot of work to put together but worth it. One of the people on the architectural committee who also put up the same gazebo came over and gave us some ideas on the bet way to assemble it and gave us some help and loan of some tools. We really thank Randy for his help.

We also added a few plants to our site and have been doing some fertilizing which has had good results. Below, see our beautiful roses!!

When we first got our site, our friends Nancy and Terry gave us a little tour of the place. However, we never got the full 3 hour tour that new members get. Joe had been talking to John, one of the main people who does them and one day he did just that. He is the Park's historian and so had a lot of interesting background of Jojoba.
Next week we are taking a short trip to Huntington Beach for about 4 days. We are getting together with our kids and will probably get by to see my Dad. We also have another Ducks game and so will have a shorter drive to that. When we get back, we will be going to the Founders Day dinner to celebrate the Silver Jubilee. Jojoba Hills is 25 years old. Below are a few more pictures which, of course, include some of our beautiful sunsets.