Monday, November 5, 2012

Time at Avila Beach and then back to OC

Our first stop on our way north was Avila Beach and it was our last before we got to Newport Dunes. This is one of our favorite places and we got a good site on one of the pull out areas right above the beach. I think it is Savannah's favorite as she gets to go on the beach and run off leash. The weather was great. Even when Pismo and Morro Bay are socked in with fog, this area is usually still sunny as it is sheltered in the San Luis Bay and faces south which seems to keep some of the north winds at bay and is warmer than the surrounding areas. We didn't do a lot just enjoyed the fine weather and view. We got our summer weather though we had to wait until October and November. :)





Seals hanging out near the pier

Daily visit from a humming bird


Another little Cavilier

We did get some fog near the end of our 10 day stay.


We are now back at the Newport Dunes, to visit family and friends, see doctors and dentists and going into the office for Joe. I am enjoying the warm weather before it starts getting more Fall like, with cooler days and nights.