Friday, April 4, 2014

A Month at Jojoba

My camera and I have taken a month off from blogging, but we soon will be leaving for another long adventure. Even though I haven't blogged, we have been busy, just not many pictures. After leaving Mexico we went back to Quartzsite for a week of down time. Much quieter this time as most of the big crowds are gone. We did go over to the Bill Williams Refuge for a nice paddle. This was the first place we paddled with Savannah. She was just a little puppy and had no fear as she jumped right into the water. She knows better now.

Of course, always some good sunsets in this area.

We then headed back to Jojoba Hills but were only there for less than a week as we had to take the MH in for our latest problem with overheating, which was the reason we didn't go on the second part of the Mexican trip which was farther south. Joe had written Freightliner's main office with all the details and copies of the work we had done previously. They called and told us to take it to the San Diego office and they would be in contact with them on how to fix the problem. The cost would be on Freighliner's corp office. Sounded like a good deal to us. We can't stay there overnight and so we ended up staying a few days at the Coronado Inn and a day at Silver Strand. San Diego Freightliner doesn't have good customer service and we always had to contact them. However, it does seem that the problem is fixed. The big test will be on our long trip next week.
Any way, back to Jojoba and the usual days of great community dinners and breakfasts, pot luck with the Quail Run group, and a Chili and Cornbread contest. Guess what! Joe won first place for chili and I got second prize for my cornbread with chilies and cheese. We got gift certificates for Chili's Restaurant. We can also use it for several other restaurants, including Macoroni Grill.
We also spent time with family. Kori and Nick welcomed Kayla into the world. Joe had doctor appointments in the OC and we stopped to see Kori and baby Kayla. So cute. She was sleeping while I was holding her but making lots of cute noises and wiggling around.

 Another day we stopped to see my Dad before we headed to Anaheim for a Ducks game. We had bought tickets for us and Karol and the boys. We met them at Wolfgang Puck's restaurant at Honda Center. Three of us had Lobster Mac and we probably could have shared one order among the three of us. Very good and I took mine home for two more lunches. The hockey game was great with our Ducks winning which always makes it even more fun. Almost playoff time. We are in the hunt for first place in the Pacific division with the Sharks. We'll miss going to the playoffs, but traveling the country is a good trade off. And we'll hopefully be able to see all the games on tv.
It was fun getting together with the family. Sunday Kristi and Brock are coming over and we are going to do a little wine tasting and lunch in Temecula. Should be fun. Oh, when we first got back, our friends George and Felicia(George is Brock's best friend) came over for a visit. They are putting their house up for sale and getting a motorhome. In August when George turns 55 they are going to get a spot here in Jojoba as a home base and do some rving. They had been here once before when we were out of town and got a good tour and fell in love. Easy to do with this place.
Monday we are planning to take off  on our next adventure. We have an escapees hop in Moab near the end of  April  and have plans to stop at the Valley of Fire State Park near Vegas and maybe some boondocking at nearby Lake Mead. I'll be back to blogging more with more pictures. So stay tune.

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