Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A cooking lesson, a museum and La Bufadora

I am still catching up on our Mexico adventure. One of the activities available was a cooking lesson from one of the chefs from the Estero Beach Resort restaurant. The chef showed us how to make chili rellenos. We got some good tips. We then split up into groups and put together some enchiladas and each couple filled up a plate with an enchilada, tostada, chili relleno and rice and beans. It was fun and we got more food than i would have thought. We will have to remember to do this type of thing in the future.


The Estero Beach Museum was a wonderful small museum with an outstanding collection of folk art, ancient fossils and shells as well as a pictorial history of Ensenada The museum also contains Indian Artifacts of the ancient indigenous tribes of Mexico, such as the Olmecs, the Aztecs and the Mayan.We had a very informative guide and really enjoyed our time there.




We climbed aboard a bus for another adventure. We again have Sofia as our guide. We drove to La Bufadora, the blowhole. A natural attraction, where sea water spouts up to 70 feet up into the air. Got some nice pictures and the rainbow in the water spout was a nice surprise. We had been here many, many years ago but don't remember the market place and restaurants you go through to get to the blow hole. They have really made this a tourist attraction, which is fine. We had a nice lunch at one of the restaurants on the top floor with great views.



On the way stopped at one of the orphanages some of our group had been looking at to receive money we raise while here through an auction, donations and other money raising ideas. The gentleman who runs it was originally from San Diego. There are about 50 children here. It is a very nice place and the children are so sweet. They put a lot of importance to education and there are a number of the older children who are attending college. What a heart warming experience. The dresses the girls are holding were made by one of the ladies in our group. Some of the money we raised ended up being used to take the people running this orphanage shopping for groceries.


Speaking of the auction, it ended up being very successful. We had donated an extra sea eagle we had and it went for around 275 dollars. It is a lot of fun . We bid on and got several things, including a bottle of wine. There were also several food items, including a homemade banana cake that went for 49dollars. As we say, it's for the children. There were several other new money makers. 50/50, in which you buy tickets and then a ticket is selected and the winner gets half of the money made and the rest to charity. I think the winner gave their winnings to charity. The other money maker was when several people volunteered to jump into the unheated pool for charity. Around 300 dollars was made from this. All and all, just under 7,000 dollars was made and will be much appreciated by the recipients. There was also a bunch of clothes donated that will go to those in need in the Ensenada area. We had a good time in Ensenada including at the resort with happy hours with every one or at some one's site. One day, we had A nice lunch at the resort restaurant with some of our group sitting outside enjoying the great weather, which had warmed up the last few days. Our last night was another great dinner at the restaurant with everyone in attendance. We had decided not to go farther down due to a motorhome issue we had. More on that on my next post. We got up early and headed out with another couple. We had decided to go through the Tecate border which is smaller and turned out to. Be a good idea. We drove through the Valle of Guadalupe, which is a large wine region. Joe and I had driven there one day for some wine tasting. We had a nice conversion with the gentleman who ran the family owed winery, Vina de Liceaga.


I'll leave you with another great sunset from Estero Beach Resort. Hasta la Vista, Ensenada.



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