Tuesday, April 22, 2014

4 Wheeling in Moab

We have been to Moab in September of 2011 where we visited the two large National Parks, Arches and Canyonlands. They are known for their amazing red rock rock formations. It is also very popular, especially in the spring for jeep trips, mountain biking and rafting. This time we are here to meet up with a lunch of fellowe jeepers at an Escapees Outdoor Hop where we will go on a number of off road trips and a day of rafting,  We are staying at OK RV Park, a commercial park a few miles south of the town of Moab. Nancy and Terry, our friends from Jojoba are here. In fact when we were driving here from Goblin Valley SP, we got a phone call that they were right behind us in their Lazy Daze motor home. We had been at another outdoor hop with Pat and Dennis, who are leading the four wheel drive trips. Kay and Steve are the headers of the event. We came in Sunday as jeeps and motorhomes streamed out of Moab. Their was a hugh event the week before with thousands of people attending. There must have been traffic jams off road as well as through town. Lots of us came in early on Sunday with the rest coming in on Monday. This worked out for us as I had to go to a dentist on Monday. I was flossing and I heard something hit the wall.
Oh no, I knew what it was. A crown just popped out of my month. So Monday morning I went to a local dentist who was able to fit me in and reglue the crown back in. The dentist and his staff were just great.
Monday afternoon we had the first of our happy hours after everyone got registered. We had drinks and snacks and got to know each other. The headers went over where we would be going on our first run on Tuesday.
The next day we met at a nearby Shell to gas up and took off on the road to Gemini Bridges. We had taken this drive when we were here before but went in the opposite way. We stopped as we got to the unpaved road and aired up and then took off up the hill with beautiful scenery.

Lots of interesting rock formations. We stopped occasionally to take pictures and stretch our legs. Savannah said I want out too.

Oops Joe was trying to get through a tough spot and we got stuck. Most of the jeeps have been raised and there are only a few of us that are standard set ups. The jeep in front of us had problems but ended up going around an alternate section. We went ahead anyway and didn't take the right line. Terry got to use his winch and pulled us out.

We stopped for some lunch and then headed to the Gemini Bridges for a short walk. The Gemini Bridges are two alcove like arches that sit side by side. 

We continued on our way and finished up our run. Back at the campground,, we had happy hour and a number of us went to dinner at the Branding Iron.
Tomorrow a rafting trip down the Colorado River. Stay tune.

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