Saturday, April 26, 2014

Last Day of 4 Wheeling and a Final Dinner

We had a shorter run on Friday.  We drove on the Klondike Bluff Trails  with the intentions of making a stop to see some dinosaur tracks. We parked and walked up a hill to check out the fossilized dinosaur tracks.

Below is Savannah standing next to a footprint as big as her.

We headed on with Dennis spotting some of us over a rough patch. 

\Some of the group went on to some more difficullt trails but Joe and I decided to check out HorseThief BLM campground where we thought we would spent a few days after the Ralley is over on Saturday. When we were here in 2011 it wasn't that busy but it was full this time. There will be a change in plans it seems.
Anyway, Friday night we went to the Red Cliffs Lodge for our final dinner.  It was fun. There was a buffet service of steak or chicken, beans, corn on the cob. We were on a patio with great views.

There were door prizes with enough for every couple to get one. We  got a couple of water bottles with Moab written on them and a 4 wheel drive calendar. We had a good ralley and really enjoyed getting to know everyone. Saturday came and we packed up and headed up in a different state by the end of the day.
More on that in the next post.

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