Friday, April 18, 2014

Slot Canyon for RV in Land of Goblin Valley SP

Haven't had good internet for last few weeks and so here I am catching up again. We left Valley of Fire with intentions of heading to Capital Reef and/or Goblin State Park, both in Utah. We first made a few overnight stops in a boondocking spot near Bryce Canyon and Sand Hallow SP, places we had stayed before. Full moon at Sand Hallow SP.

 We knew there was some boondocking in Capital Reef and so headed there next. As we drove through Capital Reef, which is beautiful, we missed the first stop. Here is where are adventure begins. First we headed down a road I thought had boondocking on it. Well, I was wrong. There might have been on some unmarked roads but mostly it was just a narrow 2 lane road with nowhere to turn around for miles. We finally found a place and when back to the main highway. We decided to go onto the Goblin Valley SP area and just drive back to Capital Reef for a day trip another day, which we ended up doing. We got to where the sign for the SP was and stopped to try to figure out where the boondocking was. We saw a car with a trailer go on a dirt road and we could see some rv's up on a hill.
So we followed the trailer for awhile and then continued on the dirt road to find a spot for ourselves. This is where the slot canyon comes into play. The road started getting narrower as we made our way on the windy road between the canyon. We passed a few spots but people were already in them. We asked a couple of an atv what the road looked up ahead. They said it got narrower so it would be best to pick the first spot you could find. Someone ahead of us got a good spot and we then got to a spot where we decided not to go forward without hooking. We had to pull the MH over as far as we could so a couple of cars could go by.
Joe drove on in the Jeep. No way could we go forward. Joe ended up backing up 1/2 mile and turning around onto a large flat rock. Sorry no pictures as I was too freaked to take any. We headed back and stopped at a spot that was on a rise not far from the place where we first turned onto the dirt road. We had thought when we first parked it that it would not be level but turned out to be perfectly level. Lesson learned. Do NOT go down dirt road without scouting it out in the Jeep first.

We got settled and a glass of wine or two was definitely in order. We really liked the spot we found with no one else around and very little traffic going down the road in front of us.
The next day we visited Goblin Valley State Park. Per the brochure we got, the wonderful stone shapes of the valley result from millions of years of geologic history. the goblins are made of Entradia sandstone, which consist of debris eroded from former highlands and redeposited here on a tidal flat with alternating layers of sandstone, siltstone and shale.

It was a lot of fun to walk among the goblins. Pets were allowed and so Savannah got to check them out also.

We drove pass the campground where there were also some yurts as well as standard campsites.
The spot below looked pretty cool tucked up next to the rocks.

Tomorrow back to Capital Reef for the day.

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