Sunday, September 18, 2011


We got Joe's prescription filled and picked up late Thursday afternoon and so left Colorado Friday morning. We headed to Grand Junction but a couple of places we planned to stay were full. Hadn't planned to leave Friday but that is the way it goes. We decided to keep going and head to Moab, Utah which was going to be our next stop. Weather was nice as we went through Grand Junction but the farther we went the more clouds we saw and soon lightning was spotted and then more lightning. By the time we entered Utah and were on 191 to Moab, the rains came and some wind. Oh lovely. :(  We passed a number of campgrounds all of which looked full. We finally picked one in the south side of town. They were full but said we could park on the front "grass" area for $10.00. Did I mention it is now dark. We said fine and got set up for the night. I took Savannah outside in the dark and she didn't seem to want to walk around which was strange. Well, it wasn't exactly nice grass we were walking on. When we came back in I went to pick her up and she was filled with stickers. Joe and I both sat and picked out dozens of stickers from her fur Poor baby.
Needless to say, we decided to look for a new spot in the morning which we did. We took the Jeep and the first campground we came to had some spots and so we moved over to Spanish Trail RV Park on Highway 191. We is a pretty park with some trees and real grass(no stickers) and full hookups. Also views of the beautiful red hills that are in this area.

City of Moab

We decided to take a drive to Arches National Park. This whole area is just great for outdoor activities, such as visiting several national parks, four wheeling, rafting on the Colorado River, hiking and biking. Arches is famous for its, wait for it, their arches. Just amazing formations. There are more than 2,000 natural sandstone arches as well as other interesting rock formations

Arches has the greatest density of arches in the world.

    We stopped at areas called Parade of Elephants, Garden of Eden and Fiery Furnace Viewpoint.

Balanced Rock

Parade of Elephants

Garden of Eden

We took a four wheel drive road out of the Park to the 191. It is rated easy and there were just a few places that were a little dicey. Mostly just bumpy.


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