Thursday, December 15, 2011

Between Holidays Trip to the Desert

The Saturday after Thansgiving we did our family get together at my sister and brother in laws. They go to Brock's side of the family. When we had our house, we use to have Thanksgiving dinner at our house but have gotten together on the following Saturdays at Kristi and Brocks since we started living in the MH. We had a good time with good food. Besides Kristi and Brock and us, others there were my niece Heather and her hubbie, Ryan, niece Kori and her boyfriend Nick, my Dad and Chris and Karol Casey and Michael didn't make it as they were racing their boats in Parker. We are headed to that area Tuesday and since not that far away, have decided to come back to the area for Christmas.
Tuesday we made the 6 hour drive to Cattail Cove State Park, where we have stayed before. We got a great spot with a good view of the water. Only two sites in the front area and so we have a large site with no one on our passenger side that faces the water.

Cattail Cove has 61 sites and is tucked in between hills and away from the main highway. It is so serene and quiet, especially at this time of the year. Lake Havasu was created when the Colorado River was dammed  by Parker  and the lake  is 45 miles long. During peak seasons it is very busy with all types of boats making their way up and down the lake area. This campground also has a couple of nice hiking trails that wind through the hills and along the water. We took advantage of that while here. The park is also nicely landscaped with many different types of trees and includes a cactus garden. There is a small beach area where dogs can run around and they are also allowed on the trails so very pet friendly.

They have a few dog parks in Lake Havasu and we visited both. One is in town near the London Bridge and along the waterfront. We had been there before. We also tried a new one which was at SARA Park, which is a large park, with baseball fields, in line hockey, a bmx raceway, hiking trails and other sports related activities. The dog park is divided into two areas, one just for small dogs. Savannah was a little shy as she sometimes is but did play around with some of the dogs.  there were a few other Cavaliers there and one dog that played with a basketball. He would run with it by his side and it was very funny to watch. He really had a lot of energy and kept running around with it for a long time.

We also went into town for grocery shopping several times as we had really depleted our lair when the MH was due to go into the shop. We got a few days of rain. The rest of the time has been mostly cool though we got a few days nice enough to sit outside and enjoy our wonderful view. Today we are going to head to Lake Havasu Park, which we had checked out earlier in the week It is another nice state park on the water and we made on line reservations for a spot that is right on the water. We love Cattail but wanted to try another place while we are here. We will stay until Monday when we head back to So Cal for Christmas get togethers.                                                                                                                                                

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