Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Avila Bubble

Locals refer to Avila Beach's weather as the Avila Bubble as it is sheltered in
San Luis Bay and stays clear and warm when both Pismo Beach and Morro Bay on its north and south side are socked in as is often the case at this time of the year on the California coastline.
We stayed here last year and fell in love with it. We were luck when we arrived on Tuesday to get the same spot where we stayed last year which is right above the water on a small cliff. Savannah is in heaven as this is a dog beach and dogs are allowed to run free. We don't need no stinking leashes says Savannah and the other happy dogs who chase balls and run in the ocean. Last year we only planned on staying a few days and ended up staying the full 2 weeks you are allowed to stay. It looks like our plans are the same this year. We are enjoying the warm weather as we know we probably won't be getting that much this summer as we travel north into Canada and Alaska. Though we are certainly looking forward to the beauty of what we are expecting to see.
Avila Beach started as a fishing port and is still a commercial fishing area We bought some shrimp
from one of the vendors on the pier. Joe barbecued the shrimp wrapped in bacon. YUM YUM.

     We had stored our hard shells at my niece's We originally were going to take our inflatables boat with us on our trip north. However, we have been looking at the Sea Eagle inflatables that a number of bloggers we follow rave about There is one called the Paddle Ski, which is a cross between a kayak(uses kayak paddles) and a catamaran. We were intrigued by the options as you can add a sail and also a small engine which gives a lot of versatility to it. We decided to go ahead and order the boat with the sail option We ordered it from Inflatableboats4less. Tim and Crystal are great to work with and very helpful. We had it sent to a Fedx in San Luis Obispo and picked up the seven packages soon after we arrived in Avila. They have a deal now and when you buy one boat you get a second boat free The second boat is a smaller basic kayak without paddles or seats but we can use the second boat with one of the seats and paddles if we want to paddle in separate boats We can use the second seat and paddle for the second boat. Our paddle ski has more room for Savannah to sit than our other inflatable did and when we made our maiden voyage Savannah seem happy to sit in front of me and enjoy the ride. I'll have pictures in my next post. We haven't tried out the sail yet but will be doing so before we leave here. We walked to the pier for lunch at Pete's Pierside Cafe and Fish Market one day which is the only one of the three restaurants in the pier area where dogs are allowed on the patio. Joe had fish tacos and I had fish and chips.
    Took some pictures of the pier activity including someone raising their boat from the water to the pier. For some reason they don't have a boat ramp and larger boats need to be raised and lower to and from the water  .

  On Friday afternoon we went to the Farmer's Market at Avila. We bought some blueberries and avocados. They also have restaurant stands and I had shrimp crepes and Joe had a fish taco and also a sausage sandwich. They have music as well and is a great place to stroll, which is between two restaurants with big patios and the ocean on the other side.

  We are enjoying our little bit of paradise and looking forward to another week.                                                                                                                                          

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