Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back in the lower 48

We are back in Washington State. We left Meziadin Lake on Monday, Labor Day and had a few long days of driving. One of our overnight stops was another provincial park on a lake, Ten Mile Lake PP. We could easily spend a summer up in the BC parks, all just lovely.

The next day, we drove on down south, with just a few stops for lunch or pictures. Interesting mountains that reminds us of Utah.


More views of lakes.

WE passed a lot of fruit stands in the BC section of the Okannagan Valley as well as many wineries. However, as we were going to be crossing the border into the US, we couldn't stop and buy anything. We had eaten all our fruit and had only half an onion and some potatoes. We stopped at the border and answered the standard questions including what fruits and vegetables we had. Then the border guard asked what she said was a yes or no question. Do we have food on board. Of course, we said yes and were directed to pull over. Yikes!! A border guard came in and went ga ga over Savannah, petting and talking to her. After about 5 minutes, she briefly looked in the fridge and closed it and wished us a nice day. This was the same border we crossed in June at Osoyoos and it went much faster than that stop. It was late in the day and so we stopped at one of the first campgrounds we came to, Osoyoos Lake Veterans Memorial Park. We got set up, went and did some grocery shopping and settled in for the night. The next morning after helping a couple jump start their trailer battery, we made our way to Lake Roosevelt. We did stop at a fruit stand and picked up some apples, pears, peaches and a few other fruits and vegetables. It is the end of season and so it turned out to be the only stand we saw on our way. I think the Wenatchee area will be better for fruit stands. We may go there after Spokane. We got to Kettle Falls, which is about 2 hours north of Spokane. Kettle Falls Campground-Lake Roosevelt is a national forest park and so with our golden age card, we only pay $5 a night. And it is another beautiful park and we are on a small bluff overlooking the lake.





We got one of the last spots right on the water and no one to our left and so we have a large sitting area. Plus we finally have warm, but not too warm, weather. We will be taking a few drives but plan to spend a lot of time just relaxing enjoying the sunshine.

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