Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Month in Newport

This is a catch up blog as I haven't been blogging or even taking pictures as we have been back in our old home town visiting with family and friends, doing doctors and dentist for Joe, and Joe spending some time at the office. We had our boys over(Karol at work) the first sunday we were back at Newport Dunes for chili and to watch some football. We use to be big football fans when we actually had a professional football team in the OC and/or LA. With no hockey due to the lockout(UGGGGHHH) it is nice to watch a little football though. We got together with Chris and Karol and went out to dinner at El Ranchito in Corona del Mar, which was fun. I met my friend, Jonella for lunch in downtown Laguna at 230 Forest Ave(name of restaurant as well as address). We visited with my Dad and took along our iPad to show him some of our Alaska trip pictures. We took lots of walks around the lagoon which made Savannah happy and did some kayaking. We have run into some of the people who stay here long term who we know from our previous stays here. We have some nice new neighbors, including a couple who are originally from Ireland. They have been here over 40 years but Paddy still has a strong accent. We went one night to Durty Nellies, a nice Irish Pub, where Paddy and his wife were performing old Irish tunes. We went out to celebrate our niece Kori's birthday at our local restaurant, Back Bay Cafe. For Thanksgiving we actually celebrated most of the week. We had a Thanksgiving lunch at Norstan, Joe's work. It was actually more of a Mexican theme with fajitas, enchiladas, spanish rice and other yummy dishes. We made albondigas soup with pesto meatballs. Everything was delish, including some great desserts. We had the boys over for Thanksgiving Day and then on Saturday, the boys and Karol as well as ourselves went down to Kristi and Brocks for another celebration along with my Dad and Kori and Nick. Heather had to work and so she and Ryan couldn't make it. We made turkey breasts for both of these days. We brined them, once in a honey, veggie broth brine and another in a maple syrup, brown sugar, brandy brine. Joe then smoked them on the bbq. They both came out super moist. For the one for Saturday, we cooked it and then sliced up the breast and put it in the crock pot to keep warm until dinner. I also made the gravy ahead of time, The turkey was still moist. The month went fast and we were soon back on the road again. We are now just a few miles south of the Joshua Tree National park southern entrance doing some free boondocking. A lovely desert spot with great views out all our windows which is especially nice after only having views of the motorhomes next to us in Newport. We are looking forward to new adventures with some sightseeing in Joshua Tree.

Below are a few pictures of our first night with some beautiful desert sunsets.




On the road again!!!!!

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