Thursday, June 20, 2013

Moving Rocks, Boat Ride and RV Repairs

Our site has lots of nice pavers and garden areas to plant bushes, trees and flowers, which we will do in the Fall. There are also a few large areas filled with rocks. Except one of the sections has only a few rocks. So we bought some rocks from the Park and they were delivered in two big piles. We then had to spread them out which is harder than it probably sounds. However, it looks nicer now that it is done. On Saturday, we met up with Chris and Karol. Karol's sister Kelly and brother in law Brian have a nice second home in Canyon Lake, which isn't far from Lake Elsinore, down the road a bit from us. Canyon Lake is a gated community and many of the homes are right on the water, as is Kelly and Brian's. They told Chris and Karol they could spend the weekend there even though they wouldn't be there and so we met them there. It is a very lovely home, nicely furnished and great views from inside and out. They have a boat dock and we went out for a short ride on the boat checking out some of the area.


Love that hat








Some houses, such as these across the water from Brian and Kelly's, have a way to go to get to the water. Their's is much closer to the water. We had a nice day, going out for some pizza to bring back to the house where we watched the Stanley Cup Finals between Chicago and Boston. Another overtime game which Boston won this time.

Monday, the 17th, we said goodbye, see ya later to Jojoba and headed to Fontana to have them fix a number of items in need of repair. We thought it would be done early Tuesday and they did spent about 10 hours of labor time. However, everything was not done until Thursday morning. They are a really busy place as they are known for great work. Not the most fun place to stay and not much to do around there but Thursday came and we were finally on our way north. YEAH!!!

We have been up and down HWY 395 many times, especially in our skiing days when the kids were young.We went skiing just about every year for awhile for long weekends and sometimes a while week of skiing. We took our kids and sometimes went with our friends Dave and Sylvia and their kids. Dave and Sylvia were the ones who got us into skiing and we are so glad they did. Anyway we have driven through Lone Pine but never stayed in that area even when we went to Mammoth for summer trips. We happen to read about it in Wheelin It's blog and a few other blogs and so decided to check it out. We got to Tuttle Creek, a BLM campground, which is just a few miles outside of the town. We got a nice spot with a creek in back of the motorhome, and beautiful views of the mountains, including Mt Whitney. No hook ups but water and dump available for $5 charge. No problem as we are only paying $2.50 a day with our national pass.










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  1. Too bad about the 2 day delay, but what can one do? At least they did a thorough repair job while they’re at it.

    Lovely pics! I like that the camps were spaced quite far apart from each other for privacy and somewhat a sense of being alone in the area. Or maybe it only seemed so with the photos. Anyways, happy trails to you guys!

    Liza @