Sunday, May 4, 2014

Colorado Snow to Kansas Winds

We had been keeping tabs on the weather as they have been having some bad toronados in the south and it looked like they might have some in Kansas or Nebraska, our two choices heading east. However, it looked like the worse would be some possible snow showers or rain on the 70 through Colorado. We headed up throigh the mountains and passed Beaver Creek and Vail where we have skiied before.
still some snow on the mountains.

As we got closer to the summit, it looked like winter with snow everywhere including on the trees due to recent snow fall. There was a little snow coming down and signs warning of possible ice but we just took it real slow and made it through the mountains without a problem.\\

We passed through the pass and came to a more open area that was closer to what I expected Kansas to look like. We soon came to Kansas and yes, lots of open prairie land, no hills or mountains in sight. No tornado, TOTO, I mean Savannah. However there was wind. Strong Winds!!  We only had less than an hour from our destination in Kansas but when we saw an overturned truck on the side of the road, we thought about stopping sooner. Then we stopped for diesel and the guy working the counter said there were several overturned trucks and also a rv. Yikes, we only drove about a block, saw an Arbys with a big lot next door with a fifth wheel sitting in it. We pulled in and parked. the guy in the fifth wheel came over and said he too was going to wait out the wind. We went over to Arbys to get sandwiches for dinner and settled in for the night. Luckily the next morning was not too windy and we made our way to Eisenhower State Park. We had some problems getting there, accidentally going the wrong way and heading up on a toll road. We definitely have a new gps at the top of our list to buy soon. We finally found the road to the State Park, but on the way, saw a nice camping area, called Outlet campground, which was a Corp of Engineer Park. A pretty park right on the water and with our old people pass, only $10. for full hookups. Can't beat that. We are happy campers.

The weather was nice and warm which was really nice after the cold days and nights in Colorado. We mostly just took it easy, reading and such. We tried to go to a Farmers Market on Saturday but couldn't find it with google map directions we had printed out. Yes, GPS must be purchased soon. This part of Kansas, near Topeka is very pretty, very green with lots of trees unlike the first part of Kansas we drove through.We checked out some of the other campgrounds, including one that has spots for those with horses. Some of the campsites had a small corral for the horses. Pretty cool.

My first time in Kansas and are next spot will be in Illinois, another first for me. Joe was born in Chicago and lived in both IL and Kansas as a young boy.

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