Saturday, March 7, 2015

Tucson to So Cal to Tucson

We had planned to hang out in Arizona until the Escapade in Tucson but needed to go back to So Cal for my Dad's Celebration of Life. We had a week before it and so made a few stops along the way. We wanted to stay at Picacho Peak but it was full. It was getting late in the day and we drove to American Girl Mine again as we knew the area. When we got there it was dark and even though we went to the area where we recently stayed, it was a little hard to figure out where to turn off the road. We drove in just a little ways and found a large area to stop. The next day while taking a walk we stopped and talked to a Canadian couple who we met the when we were here before the Mexican trip. We also met a gentleman who was traveling with his wife and kids for a year seeing the country. What a great experience for kids. More younger people are traveling in rv's, working on the road and sometimes with children that they home school.

We did some shopping but that was about it. Joe got a cold and gave it to me. Thanks Joe. It was a nice place to just relax and rest up while we weren't feeling well. The celebration of life was on Saturday, the 28th at Kori and Nick's place. We checked in at San Mateo Campground, near San Clemente on the Thursday before. On Saturday we went to Kori and Nick's. It was a nice gathering with family and friends. Kristi and Kori made a nice slideshow of pictures of my Dad.  Really liked the one of him taken when he was in Panama during the war. He was in shorts sitting next to a surfboard. Joe wished he could ask him if he tried surfing.  It was a nice day but we will certainly miss my Dad as well as my Mom. The next day we went to Kristi and Brocks for awhile, visiting and going over some things related to my Dad's death. Kristi has been the one to take care of all the things that need to be done and I thank her so much for it.
When we were in Mexico we had planned to go kayaking but discovered that we forgot our kayak seats. Uurrgh!!! Having a storage unit at Jojoba we need to be careful to make sure we have everything packed into the motorhome before we leave for our trips. Anyway, when we left the area, we stopped at Jojoba to pick them up and got a few other things as well. It was raining hard when we got there and continued as we drove to Borrego Springs, our next stop. We went the back way that goes on Montezuma Road , where at the summit we actually saw snow on the road and on our windows. We got a little nervous that it would get heavy on the roads but it didn't and as we made our way down the long slow drive to Borrego Springs the weather improved. We headed to Rockhouse Road, one of our favorite desert boondocking spots. Again, we didn't do a lot as even though we were feeling better, we still had lingering coughs and still feeling a little blah and so didn't go on any hikes or drives.

We made reservations for Picacho Peak for 4 nights right before the Escapade. The desert is just beautiful now with all the spring flowers and Picacho Peak is especially lovely.

Now onto the Escapade.

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