Thursday, April 16, 2015

More Time at Lake Roosevelt and Back to Jojoba

We are still enjoying our time at Lake Roosevelt but decide on a drive for a chance of pace in our surroundings. We head for Payson and soon say goodbye to all the cactus and other desert plants and start to see trees and then taller trees as we get closer to the small mountain town.

We drive through Payson and head east on HWY 260 on the Mogollon Rim. The Mogollon Rim stretches for around 200 miles from the cool mountains to the burning deserts below ps with volcanic and sedimentary rocks and pine trees. We also were there to check out possible campsites in the area but none of them are open yet for the season and had closed gates and so we couldn't even check them out for the future. We drove for awhile and then stopped to check out the views below.

Well, after the weekend, we checked Bermuda Flats out again and then still pretty crowded saw a few spots open and so packed up and headed for beach front property. We parallel parked right on the water. We really love this area. Even Savannah enjoyed relaxing on one of the beach chairs.

We finally got our kayak out on the water. We kayaked one day and then Joe turned it into a sail boat and did a little sailing another day.

We would love to stay here longer but we need to get back to So Cal for Joe's doctor appointment and so start the month of April by driving back to Jojoba. We do an overnight stay at Dome Rock near Quartzsite. I took some pictures on the way and at Dome Rock to capture more of the spring floral including the beautiful palo verde trees with their lovely yellow flowers. They were everywhere. Of course, couldn't help a few more of those Arizona sunsets.

We got settled back at Jojoba for a few week stay. Joe had his doctor appointment which went fine and he is set to continue our travels with next visit in October when we get back from our summer travels. We did a lot of things around the place, such as cleaning up the shed a little, doing some yard work, putting some things from the motor home into the shed we don't need. Joe bought some stuff on Amazon, including a some freezer/refrig that goes in one of the RV Bays. We plan on filling it with shrimp when we go to Mexico and Halibut and other seafood on our Alaska trip. It runs on 12 Volt as well as regular power and we are going to stop at J &L Repair on our way out of town to have them set that up as well as a few other minor issues. We didn't socialize much while here, though did go to a doggie social at the Dog Park and Savannah got to see her friends.. However, we did make a trip to Kristi and Brock's for Easter. It is always good to get together with the family. We really enjoy seeing our two little grand nieces. They are both walking now and are really starting to show their personalities.

We are headed to J & L today, staying the night there so they can start work on the motor home first thing in the morning and then will start heading towards Ajo, Arizona where we will meet up with Larry and Orene for our week stay in Puerto Penasco, Mexico. Of course we will be be watching the Hockey Playoffs which started yesterday. Tonight is the first Ducks game against Winnipeg.

GO Ducks!!!!!

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