Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Change in Plans leads to trip to Mountains

We got to J & L 's early in the morning. Within about 3 hours the slide was fixed and we thought we were on the way to Parker. But no, what looked like a small fix of the leak turned out to be a major problem. The slide that hadn't been working had been kept in since we had first taken it in to J & L last week as we were worried we wouldn't be able to get it back in. Therefore, we didn't know that the carpet was totally soaked. Also some tiles had cracked due to water under them We thought the water was only going outside and some in the bays underneath, not inside the coach. Yikes. We stayed at the shop for a few days waiting for the inspector from the insurance company to come out and look at it. Thursday he finally came out and we decided to find a place in Big Bear to stay as we can't stay in the coach while it is being worked on. We didn't want to wait for the approval as it is a three day weekend and we were worried we wouldn't be able to find a place. We have to find a place that takes pets and that narrows the field. I thought of Big Bear as they have a lot of reasonably priced cabins. We found one in the Sugarloaf area that takes pets, has one bedroom, with living room and kitchen, so we can cook and save money by not having to go out for all our meals.  Also we need to take all the food from the refrig in the coach

                                                         Our cabin for a week

We were surprised in how much snow there was even thought we knew they had some storms earlier this month. We should have brought our skis They did just open the resorts but with recent snow making in addition to the storms, they had pretty good overall coverage  We got a little more snow the first night but most of it melted quickly as it warmed up a little.

         The cabin is very cute. Loved the use of skis in the lighting and also on one of the walls. check out the lamp in the bedroom with the fishing pole, hat and lures.

We took a lot of walks in the neighborhood. There are a lot of cabins for sale. We really like this area. We have been coming here for years, skiing in the winter, and camping and kayaking on the lake in the summer. We use to camp and four wheel drive back when our kids were young and have camped at Serrano since we have had our various trailers and motor homes. This is a place we could entertain the idea of buying a place if we wanted to settle down in So Cal. Not at this point  though. We still have more places to checkout. We went into the village and walked around and had some lunch at one of the restaurants there. Had lunch another day at a place that looked like was a favorite of the locals. Getting approvals from insurance company so the repair shop can get started is taking longer than we thought. We are also having the outside work done here instead of Mesa, where we got the first estimate That had never really been approved yet even though it has been a month. Easier to get this all done in Fontana. Monday, the 14th, we finally got approval for J & L to start the job on the inside.
Tuesday we left Big Bear as we decided to spend the rest of the time in Orange County near the beach somewhere. More nice scenery on our drive down the mountain. Pretty as there is still some Fall colors along with the early snow fall.


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