Friday, November 4, 2011

So Cal Update

I obviously haven't been blogging while we have been staying at the Newport Dunes this last month. We have been visiting with family and friends, going to doctors and dentists, and taking care of some motorhome maintenance and repair work. We went to our niece's wedding on October 15th. It was held at the Hilton in Huntington Beach, which is right across from the beach. Wedding was outside followed by the reception in one of their event rooms. Heather was just beautiful and Ryan very handsome. Great looking couple. There was appetizers at the reception and a sit down dinner. Bonnie and Kaylee, from the Tangled Vine, and our friends, did the flowers and Kaylee did the photography. Hopefully I will get some of the pictures emailed to me so I can add to the blog. We went to a play at the South Coast Rep, in Costa Mesa. We had season tickets there for many years and it was nice to get to see a play again after several years of not going We also visited our friends, Bob and Carol Flach, who live in Arcadia They have been friends for over 30 years but hadn't seen them for several years and it was good to get together with them again. I also got together with Jonella, a friend from my old job. Epicor Software, where we worked, was sold earlier this year and she gave me all the details of what happen. Someone bought Epicor and another company and combined them and so lots of people are losing their job, some due to the fact that headquarters are going to be in Austin, Texas and most of the departments going there. Pretty sad but typical of big business these days.
We got together with our kids several times, going out to dinner one night and to a hockey game another.We also spend some time working on my parents house with my sister and brother in law and other family members. We did most of the demo work to save some money as the house is over 40 years old and needed a lot of work. New windows have been put in and all electrical work done. Kitchen and bathrooms will be totally redone, new carpets, paint, etc. Should look great when done. Kori, our other niece, is going to rent it for awhile and is looking into trying to get a loan to buy it if she can. We took our motorhome to Fontana over a week ago to get our slide fixed. It was suppose to be fixed last year, but after spending a lot of money out of our pocket, it was never really fixed correctly and has gotten worse. We are taking it to J & L, who has worked on it before and fixed a lot of problems that the dealer never could do in the first year we had it. We also got a leak in one of the lines to the ice maker a few days before we took it to J & L and they are going to fix that as well.

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