Friday, April 13, 2012

The City in the Sky

We debated on leaving Holbrook due to the high winds but decided to give it a try thinking we could stop in Flagstaff if the winds were too bad. Well, after getting diesel and a stop at Walmart, we were driving down the road with the loud sound of the antenna on the roof that kept being lifted by the heavy blowing of the wind. We only got to Winslow, about 30 miles or so from Holbrook when we turned off to a state park I found online. Homolovi State Park is a very nice park with great views of the grass lands Homolovi is Hopi for Place of the Little Hills and the Hopi people of today still consider Homolovi to be part of their homeland

Driving through dust storm

      This is a place we could have enjoyed staying for a few days but we were anxious to get to Cottonwood and so left the next day. We had a little wind but not too bad and the drive was easy and scenic.
We got checked into Dead Horse Ranch State Park and got a site in the Cooper's Hawk loop which is on an upper level with wonderful views of the surrounding hills and also the town of Cottonwood.
We knew we were due for a few cold and possibly rainy days by Friday. So as soon as we were set up, we headed to the town of Jerome, or what is called "The City in the Sky". It was a well known mining town and is listed on the National Historic Register. It sits up on a side of the mountain and is a center for galleries, wineries, tasting rooms and restaurants and lodging.  There is also a State Historic Park, which is a museum devoted to mining history

     We walked around the small town and had lunch at Bobby D's Bar-B-Q Pit at the English Kitchen. I asked if we could sit outside with our dog. Dogs aren't allowed but we could sit at a table where she could be tied up on the other side of the low fencing.

 Does she look so sad. No, she got plenty of french fries to keep her happy. Their food was very good. I had pulled pork tacos Yes, tacos. Very juicy and great sauce. So yummy. Nice service and nice sitting outside though it has started getting cooler and so we didn't sit too long after finishing our lunch.
When we went back to the Park, we checked out the day area which is by the Verde River. Very nice. Maybe we will come back and walk the river front trail, which is one of the many trails in the park

        The cold weather and rain was here Thursday night and a little surprise, snow on the hills.

             A couple of pictures below including our view out our front window.

Some of the spring flowers

           We will be hunkering down in the MH for a few days while mother nature does her thing We're just happy to only have a little rain unlike others who are experiencing much worse in the mid-west.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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