Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cochiti Lake and a Day Trip back to Santa Fe

We moved over to Cochiti Lake Recreation Area, which includes a lovely campground. We had actually driven over while staying in Santa Fe and really liked it. It is about a 45 mile drive from Santa Fe. We got a good site with nice view of mountains and the lake itself. The town itself is small with about 400 residents living on leased land from the Pueblo de Cochiti. Most of the houses are south western adobe styles and have great views as they sit on a hillside. We really liked the area and think it would be a great place to have a house but wish it was a little closer to Santa Fe. The town only has one gas station with a mini market and a golf course with the only restaurant in town and that is it other than an elementary school. 

After a week of wearing shorts and flip flops, we woke up to views of snow dusted mountains.

We had a few cold days and some windy afternoons. We were both still sick most of the week, unfortunately, but we did both feel good one day and so headed back to Santa Fe. Joe needed to stop at Walmart for some prescriptions and then we headed into the Plaza area for lunch and to walk around the Plaza. We had lunch on an outside patio at the Shed. We had chips and salsa and a great guacamole and I had a chicken chowder and Joe had a pork stew, both with a little southwestern spice and very good.

A YorkieA checking out Savannah

A lot of the restaurants are off small courtyards sharing space with interesting shops. This town is full of great shops, restaurants and great museums as I mentioned before. They have a wonderful park in the center of the Plaza which is a great gathering place for residents and visitors alike.. We were here before for the 4th of July and went to the pancake breakfast held in the park as well as a car show. There are always events going on and the Native Americans from this area always have their jewelry and other items for sale.

          We enjoyed just relaxing in the park doing some people watching and even talking to some of the locals.


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