Friday, July 6, 2012

An interesting Adventure at Denali

As I mentioned before you can only drive yourself for the first 15 miles of the park. Otherwise you use the park bus system to go farther in. You can take a tour bus or a shuttle. We decided to take a shuttle instead of a formal tour. From what we understood the driver of the shuttle would give information along the way just not as much as the tour buses. Plus, you could get off and on if you wanted to hike any trails. We had visions of Zion National Park's shuttle where you can trails to a waterfall, the emerald pools, etc. It turned out that there weren't really any formal trails. Very few got offstage and on. Our driver hardily said anything. It didn't help that for the first hour of the 6 hour tour, a baby around a year old cried constantly. Maybe he was teething but why bring a baby on such a long drive where you can't walk him around or do much to settle him down. Then the bus driver did mention they saw around 11 bears the day before. We saw no wildlife at all the entire trip. Oh, we did see two birds. So though the views were impressive, this was not our favorite tour. 6 hours with only two 10 minute and one 20 minute stop the whole way and the rest of the time in the cramped bus was a little too long. I guess if we had seen wildlife it would have been worth it. Enough whining, Nikki. It is a beautiful place and the pictures below will show a little of that beauty. And it is the fourth of July and what better way to celebrate and spend time in one of the awesome areas of our great country.




We took another try at finding wildlife the next day and drive the 15 mile road again. No success that day either but some more views and lots of flowers. Savannah liked the flowers too and was happy not to have to stay at home like yesterday when we went on the bus.




One night we went to Cabin Nite Dinner Theater. It was a family style dinner with ribs and salmon, which was pretty good. The wait persons were also the entertainers. They had beautiful voices and told tales of the Gold Rush days in the early 1900's. We weren't sure what to expect but it was fun.


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