Sunday, July 29, 2012

A "Steller" Day

The Alaska SeaLife Center is non profit, world class marine research facility. We visited this aquarium and marine life rescue and rehabilitation center that is on the shores of Resurrection Bay one day while in Seward. What a great place to see steller sea lions, sea otters, puffins and other sea life up close and personal. There are many exhibits and around 170 different species.













Below is another of the many murrals in town.


We went to dinner one night and both had different halibut dishes but were not impressed at all. Another day we bought some halibut and with the help of a Rachael Ray recipe on the Food Network site, made a delicious meal of poached halibut with tomatoes, basil and a wine based sauce. We thought fish would be cheap up here in Alaska but not at all. Very expensive so far. We were going to do a charter but we are not really interested in fishing and probably are going to skip that adventure. We really love this town and had a wonderful time here including having our campground be close enough to walk into town. A pretty walk that includes planted flowers as well as wild flowers.







The 9.2 earthquake had a profound effect on Seward which was one of the towns that lost the most lives due to the tsunami that resulted from the quake. Most of the waterfront and harbor were destroyed and it also had an effect on the sea life some of which never did come back to this area.


Below a waterfall taken with telephoto lens from right in town.


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