Friday, August 3, 2012

End of the Road - Homer Spit

Homer has a population of around 5,000. It is part of the Kenai Peninsula. You drive through the main section of town and then onto the split, which is the second largest in the world. We stayed at Heritage RV Park on the split. It is a more expensive place than we have been staying but we wanted full hookups for nice long showers and they have cable so we can watch some of the Olympics. We also have a great view of the Kachemak Bay. Actually we can see the Bay on the otherside of the road as well.

Check out the full moon and yes, that means we got some sun as well. Below are also some sunset and sunrise pictures, i think the first we have seen in Alaska. For awhile, there wasn't any because of the midnight sun and then it was just cloudy all the time.







All of the above taken from our campsite. Just drop dead gorgeous. They have radical tides here. It will be up close to the small bluff where the rvs are and before you know it they are hundreds of feet away. We didn't do a whole lot here, just read and watched the Olympics, where the US seems to be doing pretty good. This is a big area for fishing, especially halibut, We aren't really into fishing but love fish and so got some fish(halibut, smoked halibut, salmon and smoked salmon ) and will be cooking up some great meals with it. On the Spit there is a small business center and a small boat center. We checked out small shops and bought our fish here as well.




Salty Dog Saloon is interesting. See all the dollar bills covering the ceiling.


Check out the RV at one of the beach area campgrounds. Pretty funky, uh.


We walked over to the fishing hole which as not far from the campground.





Of course, our old friend the rain made an appearance. One night was extremely windy as well. We enjoyed our four days here, This is a place we would come back to as they had a few island boat trips we would like to do. Friday we are headed back to the Anchorage area and back towards Canada and the lower 48. . We may go to Valdez but haven't decided yet and there maybe a few other new stops on the way.


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