Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Farmers Market, Rain and a Few Familiar Places

We left Homer with thoughts of spending a few days in the upper Kenai Peninsula area but as we were driving, we changed our plans as us full timers are able to do. We decided to head onto the Anchorage area. We are going to Valdez, but wanted to get a little farther on our long way back through Alaska and Canada and onto the lower 48. We really liked Williwaw in the Portage Valley and so made the decision to stay there and just drive into Anchorage to get Joe's prescriptions filled and to go to the large Farmer's Market that we missed last time we were there.

More beautiful scenery on the way there.


The lake above is Tern Lake on the Sterling Highway.

We stayed at Williwaw for four days with lots of rain. I took a few pictures in between the raindrops.



One Saturday we drove into Anchorage to go to the Farmer's Market. It is a hugh market with a small section of produce and lots of art work, clothing,etc. Also a number of food stands. We got halibut fish and chips and corn fritters with honey butter. Very well done and very tasty.



We wanted to go to the Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Center. but too much rain. Yikes. Well, the day we were to leave, the sun was out and so we drove over with Joe driving the motorhome and me the Jeep. We parked the motorhome and drove through the center in the Jeep. The center takes in orphan and injured animals and rehabilitates them. You can drive through the 140 acre park and stop along the road to check out the animals or you can walk if you want to. We had Savannah and so drove through, just leaving her in the car when we got out to take pictures. We stop a number of different animals that are native to Alaska though we haven't seen much of them in our time here. We were hoping to see bears but wouldn't you know that was not to be. We were told that the night before a film crew from California had been there filming them and feeding them and so they must not have been hungry and were sleeping in late. Oh well, it was interesting any way.







Sleeping kitties. First time to see a lynx.

And the wise old owls.


We stopped one night back in the Eagle River Campground just north of Anchorage and then we are on our way to Glennallen and then onto Valdez.

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