Monday, August 20, 2012

Bye bye Alaska

We planned to get to Whitehorse by the weekend and so left our lovely campsite at Blueberry Lake on Wednesday. We headed up to Glennallen and then turned east on the Tok Cutoff, which we have not traveled on yet. We have had short drives in the Kenai Pennisula and Valdez but this will be a long day on the road and so we listened to a audio book I had downloaded onto the ipod awhile back. We got a view of the pipeline while still on the Richardson Hwy. You don't really see it that much as it is often hidden within the many trees in the area.

Below is pump station 12. The pipeline winds through 3 major mountain range.


We had an easy crossing at the Canadian border. They didn't even ask about fruit and vegetables, I had made sure we had eaten all the fruit and we even had a salad for lunch before crossing to use up some tomatoes and green pepper that I thought they would have taken. You never know what they will ask about.

We stopped for the night at Grizzly Lake Campground, a nice little commercial place. They had sites on the lake but we decided to just take one of the pull thru's as it was already late afternoon and we would be leaving early.



Savannah made a friend with a 13 week puppy already much bigger than her. It is a Great Pyrenees. The owners also had a 13 year old that was hugh. They all were off leash and Savannah and the puppy had a great time romping around.


As we continued on the Tok Cutoff, we passed a military convoy. The convoy of vintage WW11 vehicles are making a month long drive in Alaska to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the construction of the Alaska Highway that the military played a significant part in. We were fortunate to see some of the 200 vehicles making the trip,



Our next stop was Discovery Yukon Lodging(formerly White River Crossing Trading Post and RV Park.

It was an interesting park, set among the trees with a collection of vintage heavy equipment, much of it used in constructing the Alcan. The grassy area behind the campground is an emergency landing runway and helicopters use the area as well.








A little Yukon humor below.



Friday we drove onto Whitehorse. We didn't really care for the park we stayed at last time and so this time stayed at Hi-Country RV Park just off the Alaska Highway. It is much nicer with trees separating the sites and we have a spot that parks against a forest glade. We only planned on staying one night so we could stock up on groceries. However, the jello plans come into play again. We had recently had our jeep in for the 60,000 mile service and had work done. Now there is a brake problem. Some of the time you have to push the brake down almost all the way and the brake warning light goes on. This just started happening when we went to the store. Of course it is late Friday afternoon and too late to get it into the Jeep dealer that they do have in town. They are suppose to be open on Saturday, but oh no. Joe goes over there early Saturday morning to not only find that they are closed but that they will not be open to Tuesday as it is a holiday weekend that is just in the Yukon. This is the third time in a year that we have had either MH or car problems that involved a holiday weekend. So we are here to at least Tuesday or later if a part needs to be ordered. Well at least the campground is nice as is the weather. Though, to top it off first I got a cold and then Joe did as well. So we aren't doing much while we are here. At least there is cable and so we have tv as well as internet and books to keep us entertained. Life on the road. We can't complain. We had a wonderful time in Alaska and would definitely like to go back again. We have places we would like to spend more time at and other places and things to do that we missed this time. It is an amazing place, full of beauty and grandeur.

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