Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Days on the Water and Time with Friends in Spokane

We really enjoyed our time in Spokane. We didn't do any touristy things but loved our spot on the lake at the Riverside State Park- 9 mile recreation area. We went kayaking a couple of times. The first time I took the camera along.




Savannah thought she could walk on the plants on the water and decided to try it out and got a little surprise when she had to do the dog paddle.





Some nice houses lining the shores. On our second outing I didn't take the camera but it was another enjoyable paddle. We went the other way. One side had some larger expensive looking houses while the other side seem to have older smaller houses. I wish I had taken the camera when we saw an old fifties style rv painted brown sitting among the trees near the water's edge. We couldn't see any road down to it like the other houses and weren't sure how it got there unless it was brought there via the lake.

We had Joyce and Dennis over for a barbeque one day and played Mexican Train Dominos which was a lot of fun. We got together one more time with Dave and Silvia and went out for a late lunch. Savannah was so excited to see Bentley again. Ah love.

Bentley is wearing a shirt as he had a benign tumor removed from his leg and this kept him from licking it. I thought he looked cute.

We had absolutely beautiful weather though the sky was a little smokey some days due to the terrible fires in Wenatchee. By the time we left it was much better. The couple next to us who were from Wenatchee and stayed here due to her breathing issues were able to go home the day before we left. On Tuesday, the 2nd of October, which is my sister Kristi's birthday(Hope your birthday was great Kristi, sorry we weren't there.) we left Washington and headed to Eugene, Oregon. We had not gone through with our desk project as the people who were going to make it just seemed to be too busy. We just had a bad feeling about it and so are going to check out some places in Eugene, which is a big place for rv repairs and renovations. Bye bye Spokane, we'll be back again for sure.




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