Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Morning Snow-Time to head South

We got our slide and a few other things fixed at Carrier and Sons and our desk/dining table installed by Davis Cabinets. Davis did a wonderful job and we just love our desk. We also replaced a sitting area in the bedroom with a few drawers to add more storage space.


With everything done, we headed to Emigrant Lake to a lovely campground in Medford. Weather is cold and there are only a few others camping besides the campground hosts. So nice to have a great view after spending a few weeks in the shops parking spots.


View from our site



You see from the picture above how low the water level is by where the boat ramp is compared to the water.

We drove into Medford, which is a great little town well known for its Shakespeare Festival that take place every summer.







We just stayed for a few days and had decided to leave on Monday, the 22nd. It seemed like a good idea, especially when we woke up to snow on the hills. Yep, time to head for warmer weather. We were lucky as people said the rains and colder weather usually start earlier in October and we did get some nice weather until the last 4 or 5 days when rain and then snow showed up.




Kinda of neat to still see signs of fall color with beginning of winter white. As we left and headed to the California border, we drove through the mountain summit where Mt Ashford, a ski resort is. There was snow on the sides of the road. Yes, going south is the right timing.





Lots of great scenery as we make our way south.



We drove through the Shasta area. One of these days, we will spend some time here and not just drive through on our way elsewhere.




We were coming to the end of the day and so found a campground in Patterson, Ca. Kit Fox RV Park, which is a Passport America campground and so only cost us $20 for full hook ups. We spent some time talking to a nice couple from Vancouver, Canada and enjoying the weather, which is much warmer than Oregon is now. We then watched the debates and the next morning drove another 4 hours to Avila Beach, one of our favorite camping areas. Sunny California, here we are!!

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