Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Desert Rats Hit the Beach

Just catching up on the blog. We stayed a week at the same spot we stayed earlier this winter at American Girl Mine, which is in California but the nearest town is Yuma, AZ. We had bought a bag of oranges in Yuma and still had about 6 or 7 when we crossed the border into CA. When we had to stop at the inspection area we declared our oranges and had to cut them up into quarters and the inspector then said they passed and we didn't have to trash them. There were only a few other motorhomes in the area and not that close at that. It is very peaceful here. Well, at least when the wind was not howling which is was for much of our time here. We didn't do a lot but did take a trip over to the Tumco Historical Mine Town. Tumco is an abandoned gold mining town and is also one of the earliest gold mining areas in California. It has a history spanning some 300 years, with several periods of boom and bust. During the boom time of the 1890´s, it had a population of around 500 people and the stamp mills of the mine produced $1,000 per day in gold. It is a little stretch to call it much of a tour as there is not much of anything there but a few walls. It might have been better if they weren't out of the brochures that told what was formerly at each of the numbered sites, but it was a good walk.






The marker below was added since we were here last. Very sad. I hope their golden had a nice long life before his last adventure where he was lost in the desert.

Another nice time in the Calif desert.




Before heading to the beach, we stopped for another week in one of our fav spots off Rockhouse Rd in Borrego Springs. We had more cold, windy weather and a little rain and some snow on the mountain tops, but still a nice relaxing time. There is our motorhome in the picture below.



Sunday, the 10th, after spending most of the winter in the desert areas of CA and AZ, we headed to the beach. I made a reservation several months ago but could only get 4 days as their weekends are full up here at Sunset Vista RV Park, which is just south of the Huntington Pier. Sunday was nice and sunny but the rest of the time was typical June (more like all spring) gloom with fog most of the day. Time was mostly spend with Joe going into work for a meeting and doctor and dentist appointments. We also got our taxes done and luckily didn't have to pay and are getting a few hundred back. Of course always some shopping to do, including a trip to Trader Joe's and lunch at one of our favorite spots, Native Foods. We did go out to dinner with the kids at a great little place on Main Street called the Pizza Lounge. A good selection including the pizza I had which had chicken, peaches and gorgonzola cheese on it. Yummy!! We are close enough to walk into town but drove as it was cold and Joe's foot has been bothering him. He is retaining water and his doctor changed some of his meds as he is pretty sure it was a side effect of the drug he had just started taking the last time he was at the doctor. Hopefully he will do better on his new meds. We are onto the Temecula area on Thursday for Kori and Nick's wedding on Saturday. Stay tuned.







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