Saturday, February 23, 2013

More Time in Calif and AZ Desert

While still in Quartzsite, we drove over to the east side of Tyson Wash where you can see Indian grinding holes and some petroglyphs. This is also the site of the original Quartzsite which had washed away in a flood and later was rebuilt on higher ground at its current location.

There were only a few petroglyphs that could be seen clearly. There is another place called Dripping Springs that is suppose to have hundreds of petroglyphs but is farther away and we'll do that another time.





Our last days were cold and we got not only rain but a little hail. A little blurred but that is hail sitting on the window ledge as well as on the ground.



Thursday we left Quartzsite and made our way up to Lake Havasu State Park. I could only make a 3 day reservation as there is a blue grass festival starting on March 1st but the whole week is booked. We were luck to get the last spot on the beach. This is a favorite place of mine and we enjoyed our 3 days already it is still cold.



There was a 300 mile long jet ski race taking place on the lake from the campground that is within sight of the state campground. I can't image riding a jet ski for that many miles.





Besides lots of water sports, there is a good hiking trail that includes a desert garden.






We have two weeks until we have our reservation in HB for 4 days and 5 days at Escapees Jojoba Hills that is near Temecula where Kori and Nick are getting married at Ponte Winery. With gas and diesel pricing so high we decided to not head any farther east. We thought of going to Mojave National Park but weather is only in the 50's and too cold for us. The Yuma area is suppose to be warmer and so we are going to spend some time back at one of the free boondocking spots on American Girl Mine, not far from Winterhaven, CA which is on the other side of the AZ/CA border from Yuma. Then we will spend another week in Borrego Springs at another free boondocking spot we like.

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