Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's a Carnival and other fun in San Felipe

San Felipe has a Carnival and Parade over the weekend. Friday we went into town to have lunch and check it out. We had a good lunch at Mariscos La Morena, on the Malecon, the main shopping area across from the Sea of Cortez. We walked around the area as sites were set up to sell food and other items. We ran into a number of other Escapees who also decided to check out the scene. There were lots of people having fun on the sand and sea as well as the street scene.







Some of our group attracted some little beggers.


Charlie picking out some earrings.


Did I mention the weather turn. It is starting to get windy and cold. Our warm Mexico days are gone I am afeared :(

We thought the parade was suppose to start at 3, then 4. It finally started around 5:30 or so.







It was getting colder and the group has plans to go to the Taco Factory Saturday night to eat and watch the parade from the restaurant and so we headed on home. The next night we had our dinner at the Taco Factory but it was so very cold and windy that some of us decided to forgo the parade though we did have another good meal at the restaurant.



Earlier that day we had gone to the local swap meet/farmers market. Their produce looked very good but as we can't take much of that over the border we didn't buy any.




We had the auction I mentioned below where we bid and won several items. There were several more dinners at Pete's Camp Restaurant and we had another lunch with some of our friends from last year and some new friends made this year.



At one of our last night's happy hours, there were several riders that have been in the Baja 250 that spoke to our group.


All in all, we had a great time in Mexico. Next year is Ensenada, which maybe in our plans if we can work it out.






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