Thursday, February 7, 2013

An Off Road Adventure in Baja

Our group was invited by the San Felipe Scorpion 4 Wheel Drive Club to go along on a desert run. Some of us with 4 Wheel Drives happily made plans to go and so we got up early and our group headed over to a near by gas station to meet up with the Scorpion group. There were well over 25 rigs so a lot of dust will be flying. We drove about a hour north of San Felipe and then turned onto the dirt road. Part of the trail is one that is used for the Baja 250. With all the bumps and curves, it is hard to image how fast the racers go on these roads.






We stopped at the top of a hill for lunch and to take in the views in the valley below.







It was too bouncy to get any pictures on the bumpy sections but was fun. Below is a picture of the group taken near the end of the trip on a dry river bed. We stopped at a small and only place in this desert area to get any refreshments, which was mostly beer. The gentleman that ran the tiny store kept the beer in a cistern in the ground. An interesting place.


Wonder how long this cow has been here? Since the last Baja 250 maybe? Savannah checks her out.



We took showers before we came on the trip. What were we thinking. I think we'll need another to wipe off all the dust.

Another nice day in the desert.

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