Monday, February 4, 2013

Hola San Felipe

We are actually back in the US, but haven't been able to do any blogs as WiFi only available at the restaurant at Pete's Camp and we only used it a few times to read emails. Anyway, after our pre rally, we left in groups of 5 or 6 RVs and made our way across the border at Mexicali. They waved us through, though they did ask questions of some of the others in our group. We also were waved through at the check point. Nice! We had a few hour drive through typical desert landscape, getting a small view of the water the closer we got to San Felipe, which is on the Sea of Cortez. We arrived at Pete's Camp, our destination.


The Escapees parking crew directed us to our spot, which is right on the water. We can walk out our door and step right into the sand. Perfect.


There are houses right in back of the rv area that are part of Pete's Camp.

Here are some pictures of our camping area.



There was one mishap in the parking where one motorhome got stuck in some soft sand. Everyone worked together to get them unstuck the way all helpful Escapees do.


Savannah has been reunited with her boyfriend, Reggie, who belongs to Alan and Ellie. We spent time with them on last year's trip and Savannah and Reggie had a ball chasing each other and wrestling. Savannah ran right up to Reggie when she first saw him this trip and started jumping all over him. She doesn't normally do that and so we were sure she recognized him. It is true puppy love. Of course there were other dogs. When Miles was out he and Reggie, the two boys, played and Savannah watched them. She is more of a one dog at a time girl. All the dogs were in heaven being off lease in the sand.


Savannah and Reggie

Reggie and Miles

We had happy hour every day at 4. There was a ATV and Loretta, whom we met last year, gave me a ride. It was her first time driving it and she drove really fast but it was a lot of fun. Joe would love to get one of these toys some day.



Take a ride over the sea
It was $40 for a power para glide plane ride but we didn't take advantage of it. It looked like fun though. We had dinner at the restaurant as a group the first night. I'll post some of the things we did in another blog. However, i want to talk about Escapees Chapter 8 Mexican Connection, the group we are taking this trip with. In addition to be just a fun time to explore new areas of Mexico with friends met on previous trips and meeting new people, one of the main purposes of the chapter is charity. Every time the group goes to Mexico, some of the group will investigate different charities and then present them to the whole group with information on them and how much money will go to them. The money is raised by a live and silent auction of items donated by the members of the group and by cash donations as well. You can also donate clothing and other items that will go to some of the poorest San Felipe residents. There is a lot of poverty in this and other areas of Mexico and the people are so grateful for the Escapees help. Several orphanages were visited and chosen to receive monies as well as the manager of Pete's Camp, who feeds the poor from donations he receives as well as giving of his own money. Escapees are wonderful caring people and it makes us proud to be apart of this group. We had the auction later in the week and it was fun as people often overbid on items but calls that it was for the children kept the bids going up. More on the trip to come.



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