Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Giants of the Valley and Another Mishap

San Felipe is on the Sea of Cortez. One of the interesting things about it is the fact that it has one of the largest tidal bores in the world. At low tide it can recede over a mile. When out, it is a great place to find shells and also clams. There are also great sunrises. Here is one our first mornings which we were actually up early enough to see.


One day we went into town for lunch and went into the Taco Factory. What a find. We had calamari and ceviche appetizers to share. The ceviche would have been enough. It was a huge mound of shrimp, octopus, sea snails and other fish. Very yummy. Some margaritas on the rocks along with a nice warm day sitting on their outdoor patio made for an enjoyable experience.

Another day some of our group went to the Valley of the Giants. The natural reserve of the thousand-year-old Cardon Cactus has become a major attraction after the transport of one of these giant specimens to Seville, Spain for Seville Expo '92.







These 50 feet tall cactus are an awesome sight. Some of our group with 4 wheel drive took a short drive on the loop which had soft sand but was easy otherwise. Others had some lunch or snacks and walked around admiring these ancient cactus.




Well, our drive through the valley went without a hitch but we did have an interesting event on the way back. Alan and Ellie's car started having some overheating issues which we could relate to. He stopped and tried to fix it adding water.



I took the opportunity while the guys were checking out the problem to take a few pictures.



We stopped a few times but alas the problem didn't go away. Bill and Shelley only had room for one and Ellie went with them. We pulled out our slide out shelve in the back of our jeep and put it and a storage box on top of the jeep so Alan could squeeze in the back and will left the poor little car on the side of the road. The guys got a hitch and went back and towed it back to Pete's Camp. An interesting tale that was told to all at our Happy Hour that afternoon.

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