Thursday, May 16, 2013

Exploring the North Rim

In trying to figure out where we wanted to go next since we have 3 weeks before needing to be in the OC, Joe brought up the Grand Canyon. The North Rim to be exact. We have been near it a number of times in our travels in Arizona and Utah but for some reason didn't make the decision to stay there. Our timing was good as we arrived on the 14th and the North Rim opened the 15th. The South Rim, which is the more popular destination is around 7,000 feet and open all year. The North Rim at 8,000 feet is only open from May to October. The campground at the North Rim is already booked and so we actually stayed at Jacob Lake, a forest campground in the Kaibab National Forest, which is a straight 41 mile shot to the North Rim.The 50 plus sites are set in this forest setting right on the main road to the Canyon. $18(9 for us with our national pass) no hookups but nice. The next day we headed for the North Rim. There was a large section where fire has made its appearance with more dead trees than live ones. They get fires from every 2 to 7 years. However, most was lush and an enjoyable drive.

We drove through the entrance showing our pass which saved us another $25(good for 7 days). The North Rim is only 10 miles, as the crow flys, but with those without wings, it is an approximately 200 mile drive. The North Rim, thought not as popular as the South Rim, definitely has its own beauty and great views of the immense mile deep canyon. We first walked to the Grand Canyon Lodge.

This is a great looking lodge and would be a nice place to stay. You first enter the lodge and then as you walk down the stairs to the restaurant, you are treated to your first view of the canyon through walk to walk windows. WOW. If you have only seen pictures of the Canyon and thought it looked pretty, you are in for a pleasant surprise. It is one of those places that should be on everyone's bucket list. It is hard to capture by camera, your eyes want to go everywhere.


Below is Joe sitting on the lodge's outdoor seating area.

We took a walk on the only trail that allows pets. It is a nice walk through the forest area full of ponderosa pines, firs and lovely Aspen trees just getting their leaves.


It was a nice hike but we are ready to see more of the canyon views and so we drive to some of the view points. Point Imperial is the our first destination.



What spectacular views of the colorful plateaus that make up this canyon which is over a million acres.

Well known for its geologic significance, the Grand Canyon is one of the most studied geologic landscapes in the world. It offers an excellent record of three of the four eras of geological time, a rich and diverse fossil record, a vast array of geologic features and rock types, and numerous caves containing extensive and significant geological, paleontological, archeological and biological resources.



Another day we drove to Cape Royal Point, where we took a walk on a flat, paved trail to the Point for more mouth dropping views.




Angel's Windows is one of the interesting sights.


A close up view of the window.



The Colorado can seen below. The water looks calm in this section but there are sections that are high in the rapid ratings for whitewater rafting.



We stopped at a picnic area and ate the lunch we brought while taking in the incredible views.


Our next stop is the South Rim. Stay tuned for further adventures.

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