Monday, May 13, 2013

Rainy Days in Zion to Hot Days at Sand Hollow

We had rain again in Zion. We went and did lots of loads of laundry in Springdale, a cute little town right near the entrance to the Park.


Our last day in Zion was sunny when we got out though the clouds were starting to appear by the time we got around to talking a hike on the Pa'rus Trail, which is the one trail pets are allow on. We walked to the Visitor Center and to the South Campground, which is the beginning of the 3.5 mile trail.

It is a pretty walk along the Virgin River. The South Campground is mostly filled with tents and small rv;s though there were a few larger ones.

Some of the tent sites are overlooking the river.



Uh oh. Check out the clouds in the picture below.

We started feeling some drops and decided to head back. Soon the rain started coming down harder and thunder could be heard. We were soon soaked, including a very wet dog named Savannah.

We had plans to head to Valley of Fire in Nevada and then onto Orange County for a week. Well you know plans are made in jello. I had just emailed my sister Kristi on Thursday that we would be in town on Tuesday. Then I had to email here back later that day that no we wouldn't. The main reason we were going back was for a doctor appointment. Then Joe's doctor's office called and said the doctor had to go out of the country, Australia in fact, and Joe would have to get a new appointment at end of May or later. We decided to make it the first week in June to get pass Memorial Day weekend. We had to cancel our Huntington Beach reservations and made one in San Clemente, a state park we know our motorhome can get into. We could only get the weekdays. This time of the year it is almost impossible to get reservations any where in the OC, except a few rv resorts which are very expensive as it is considered summer season. We decided to go back to Sand Hollow State Park for the rest of the weekend and decide where to go from there. Which we did. We got a spot right next to the one we had before. Boy, what a temperature change. From the 60's and rain at Zion to sunny and high nineties and even into the 100's. At least we have full hookups with 50amp electric which means air conditioning. It was so hot we decided to take a drive to Kolob Canyon, which is part of Zion National Park, the northern end. I read it was suppose to be in the 70's which sounded good to us and especially to Savannah who is not a hot weather dog. Cavaliers were bred in England and I think they still prefer cool temps. At least Savannah does. You can't get to Kolob directly from the rest of the park and so it is not nearly as crowded. We took a nice five mile drive. We'll have to come back another time for some hiking. It is known for the Kolob Arch but that is accessed only through a no pet hiking trail. I had read abut Taylor Creek trail on someone's blog and that is one we will do another time.





Their roads are the red sand color and blend in nicely with the area.




Another nice drive and a place for further exploration in the future. Stay tune and wait to see where we decide to head next as we have three weeks before going back to the OC.

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