Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mostly Sunny Days in Avila Beach and Back to So Cal

We got to Avila Beach late Thursday afternoon. It is after Labor Day but this place is still busy. We had to park in the Overflow area up on the hill. Still nice views but we like being down below with the short walk to the beach. There is some morning fog on Friday.

Joe was on the phone on a work related conference call when I noticed someone leaving on our favorite spot where we were last time. I tell Joe and jump in the car to go down and stake out our new site. Hurrah!!

Joe gets the MH ready and drives it down and we set up in the spot we will stay in for the next 11 days

There are more paddle boaters and kayakers than we have seen here before. I don't know why but we never do out boating ourselves. Maybe we need to go back to our hard shell boats that we don't have to set up.

We had a nice time just enjoying sitting out reading, listening to the waves, taking walks along the beach, and people watching, We had to go into Arroyo Grande to pick up the new router for our computer. The other one died and we had no wireless available. Joe could get his computer to work with an ethernet cord but I couldn't use my ipad. We had to send the broken one back first and they fixed it and sent in back. We also did some shopping,including at a local farmer's market style store up the road. They have great produce and an inside section with other food products. There are also some farm animals on site and it is very popular, especially on the weekends. We walked down to the end of the San Luis Harbor Pier for dinner one night. Good food and good views of the water. One area has tables that you can look through and see the water below.




We had a nice clear night with a Harvest Moon above.


As I said before we had a good time just walking on the beach, Savannah loves this place and had fun chasing her ball and finding a few new ones she found on the beach and brought back home with her. She has a small ball but seemed to like the bigger tennis balls lately. I am a big dog now she says. She had fun touching noses with other dogs and sniffing out messages from others.



Below picture shows our MH taken from the beach.

Humm, some sea creatures in the picture below or maybe just scuba divers.






We really enjoyed our time at the beach but are now back at Jojoba Hills where we will be until at least February. We got back Thursday and got together with our friends, Terri and Nancy for some appetizers and some adult beverages. Friday there was a lasagna dinner in the Friendship Halls. We ran into some of the people we met in the spring and some new ones as well. We had bought a golf cart from a friend of Chris's during our time away and Chris, Karol, Michael and Casey all came over to deliver it. It was good to see them again. Kristi's birthday was on the 2nd of October but we drove down to Irvine to have dinner with Kristi and Brock on Tuesday. Also there were my two nieces and their hubbies. Both Kori and Heather are pregnant and both are having girls!!! How fun to go through this together. Those cousins should be close. Heather is due the middle of December and Kori early next year. They already have picked out names. Heather and Ryan's baby is named Amber Nicole(middle name is Kori's middle name)and Kori and Nick's is Kayla Lynn(middle name isHeather's middle name). We had a nice dinner at the Cheesecake Factory at the Irvine Spectrum. I had a yummy pasta which was huge. I had enough left over for dinner the next night for both Joe and I. Of course, one of the reasons I didn't overeat was to enjoy some pumpkin pecan cheesecake. The birthday girl got a dutch apple cheesecake with a candle and singing was involved. We both shared ours with some of the others. Both the preggies are being good with what they eat. Before we met them for dinner we stopped for a short visit with my Dad. They had a lady there that comes once in awhile and sings and plays the piano for the people at the home Dad is living at. It was nice. Dad was singing along on some of the show tunes. Very cute. We got to talk a little and will be able to see him more often while we are in the area. Well about 2 hours away but closer than we are most of the year.

Well that's it for now.

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