Thursday, October 31, 2013

October Days at Jojoba Hills

There will probably be fewer blogs while we spend the fall and part of winter here at our new site at Jojoba Hills. We have actually been fairly busy, even taking a short trip out of the park in the MH. Our early days here saw us driving into Temecula four times to get storage cabinets for our "garage"(storage unit). We put them together and took things out of boxes with the occasional surprise of "oh, I forgot we had that". Lot of work but it looked pretty good when we were done. Then decisions on what we do about plantings as there is only about 4 plants on the property and also needs some other work done. Well, you know how us full timers change their minds on where we travel all the time. We might be heading in a certain direction and then decide to head a different way. Before we start our big project, we decided to take a look at what sites were available. Wouldn't you know, we found a couple we liked. One was really nice with a better view and completely landscaped. We really like our neighbors at our original site but this new site is just so much better. So we went down to the office and made the official change. Of course we had gotten rid of all the boxes as we hadn't though we would move for a long time. Right. It actually went pretty well as we emptied the storage cabinets and put them on back of the golf cart and moved them to our new spot just a few streets away and filled up the jeep with the other stuff. Below are pictures of our new site, with a few showing our new patio furniture we just got from Home Depot last week,





Nice view out our window, don't ya think.


Besides our move, we also been busy attending meetings as this is a co-op and volunteerism is big here. A few weeks after we arrived here, was the big Yard Sale. We helped pull everything out of the big storage units and set them up in different areas. It is amazing on how much stuff there was for sale, including huge amounts of clothing, electronics, crafts, jewelry. Around 17,000 dollars was made on the sale, including some of the nicer items that were sold on ebay. I think around 700 people attended the sale over the 3 day event. Of course we have had fun socializing, getting together with our friends, Nancy and Terry, as well as some of our neighbors at our original site as well as our new one, happy hours are big here. Also attended a dinner as well as a few lunches, one for all who worked on the yard sale. Temecula has a Saturday morning Farmer's Market which is a good size and we have gotten several times. It is in the Old Town section which is a neat area. One day they were having a Quilt Fair and quilts were all over the old town.



Lots of good produce at the market with all the other usual things.

Next blog will include our long weekend trip to Borrego Springs for Borrego Days, with Nancy and Terry as well as a day trip with some of our Photo Bug members of a group we recently joined. We went to one meeting where some really cool pictures were shown.


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