Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Road Trip and Days at Jobaba Hills

We have been enjoying our time at Jojoba. As I mentioned in the previous blog, this is a co-op and so we have started some volunteering. I am volunteering at the Mail Room. You just sign up for when you want to work. You can work as much or as little as you want. Joe has gone to some budget and marketing meetings. We went to a pizza party for those who are currently volunteering for the recycling in the park and for newbies such as ourselves. We take care of several of the recycling areas, which are separated into glass, plastic and aluminum. Only CRV labeled items are allow. We will take the items to a recycler center and money received will go towards things for the park. There is a lot to do here. One of the things we joined was the Photo Bug Club and our first assignment was photos of drinks. There was also an outing to Bates Nut Farm where there was a big pumpkin patch for Halloween. It is in Valley Center and the drive there was nice going the back way with great scenery. It is here in the Escondido area. We went on a weekday morning and were surprised on how popular it was.

There are some farm animals, several stores as well as many pumpkins.

Lots of cute seasonal decorations, some of which I ended up photographing and using for my photo bug group assignment.

I also took pics for our drinks assignment when we went to Borrego Springs with Nancy and Terry. We had a lot of fun and had no problems finding drink pictures as we ate out most of the time. We stayed at the American Legion which as free boondocking there for veterans, which Terry is. We attended several dinners there, which were good. As part of Borrego Days, which included a parade. We only watched a little of it before meeting Terry and Nancy at Carmelita's, Mexican restaurant in town.

Below a picture I took for my drinks assigment and what I did to it on the computer.

AT the Christmas Center Park, where they have the Farmers Market, they have booths selling things, games and other things for kids and a beef garden for the adults.

There was a car show where one person had a little ghoul show up. It is the Halloween season and I added a frame to add to the spookyness.
Another day we ate at the Red Ocotillo in the Palms Hotel where we ate at last winter when we were in the area boondocking.

Terry and a friend
We ate out at several other restaurants which were very good, including Carlee's and Casa de Zorro. One day we took a little drive and stopped at one of Terry and Nancy's favorite boondocking spots down the road from Rockhouse Rd, where we stayed the last few times we were here. We met some nice people staying at the spot Terry and Nancy call Dad's. People have added a path of rocks to this site which circle around the camping site. Pretty cool.

The weather has bee wonderful with mostly sunny and warm days. So nice after lot of cool days during our summer in the Pacific NW. Temecula is wine country and we finally got to a winery, or at least a winery restaurant. We went out to lunch for our anniversary to the restaurant at Callaway's.Great views and great food. We had appetizers, ceviche and duck confit tacos along with the recommended wines. You could have a full glass or tastes, which were about 3//4 of a glass.
Well, that is it for now.

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