Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Paddle at Guernsey and a Stop in South Dakota

We actually got a sunny or mostly sunny day. Of course it was our last full day at Guernsey State Park. The original capacity of the resrvoir was 73,810 acre feet but has been greatly reduced due to silt deposits down to 46,000 acre feet. It is still a large and very beautiful reservoir. We had a nice paddle with tall rock formations and lovely yellow flowering trees. There were some dark looking clouds and so we didn't have a real long paddle. It ended up raining just as we got back from a walk later in the day.

We saw several deer walking through out campsite.

A couple more pictures below from one of our drive's including the Castle, which is an interesting rock building that has a fireplace and is a nice place for a picnic.

We absolutely loved this place and are hoping to come back here in a few years if our plans work out.
Our next stop was Rapid City in South Dakota. We stayed only two nights at a commercial campground just outside of town. We needed to renew our licenses. As our previous time getting our licenses for the first time 5 years ago, we had a short and sweet experience. We walked in without an appointment, filled out the form, then immediately were helped by a very nice gentleman. He entered info on the computer, took our receipt for our night's stay at the campground, had us do a vision test and get our picture taken. He then printed out our new plastic licenses and we were out the door. So simple. We then stopped at Walmart and then went to visit our financial advisor at Amerprise. They are a small family office that includes Thietje Hunt and his wife Donna, their daughter, Tiffany and Jody who they call their adopted daughter as it is a family business. They are great people. They had coffee and donuts when we got there and brought in sandwiches when our meeting was done.  It was nice to see them again. We got a little other business done that day and the next day we made our way to Billings, Montana where we stayed at a Cabela's Sporting Goods Store where they have free sites just for overnight rvers and truckers. We did do a little shopping there. I had to buy some new sunglasses as I forgot to put a leash on my other ones and they fell overboard when we were out kayaking at Guernsey. Luckily they were cheap sunglasses from Walmart and I had them for several years. Joe got a new rain jacket and we got back to our RV when it started raining. I think we will use our new rain jackets(I got one at REI in Denver recently). quite often on this trip. We are now at Dick's RV Park at Great Falls for a night. We did laundry and a trip to Walmart. Tomorrow we head over the border at Sweet Grass, Montana and on to our first stop in Canada at a place called Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park in Aden, Alberta. It looks like an interesting place. We won't have internet unless we find a place with WiFi but will post when we get a chance. Stay tuned.

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