Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Writing-On-Stone PP, our first stop in Canada

We left Wyoming with an one night stay in Montana at Dick's RV Park a commercial park in Great Falls.

WE had an easy border crossing with 20 questions but mostly about guns, or any gun related products. Gracie, our GPS guided us to our next stop through some unpaved roads. We later had to check the settings and checked unpaved roads to be avoided. Joe had unchecked it when we were doing some off roading and forgot to recheck it. It wasn't a bad drive but we were a little nervous not knowing if the roads would get back. Writing-On-Stone Providential Park, in Aden, Alberta, is a very nice park in a really interesting area.  It is in the largest area of protected prairie in the Alberta park system. On the Milk River, there are many aboriginal rock cravings and paintings that are also protected. We got a nice spot in the campground with no one around us.

The day we got there it was actually on the warm side. We drove over to a trail head to check out the hoodoos and other rock formations. They don't have the coloring of the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon but are still pretty impressive.

The trail leads to some petroglyths of a Battle Scene that are protected by a fence. They have faded so much you can hardly see anything and we couldn't even get any good pictures even by enlarging them on the computer. Below shows what it looked like at one time.

Anyway, it was a nice walk in an interesting area.

It was a little hot and Savannah was happy to find a little shade to rest.  We would have liked to take the Hoodoo Trial on Tuesday but it rained all day. Yes, more rain. Yikes!! We did drive into the nearest town, Milk River, to change some US dollars into Canadian money. We needed to do this anyway but especially as we had a credit card issue. WE had gone to the visitor center to get wi fi to check email. We found that we had several charges on one of our cards that weren't ours. In fact, they were in the Los Angeles area and just went through the day we got to Canada. We had just used it for our camp fees and wondered if there was a connection. However the person Joe talked to when canceling the card, said it was probably due to the Home Depot situation from last year where a bunch of credit card numbers were stolen. They were just starting to see the numbers being used illegally. Oh joy. Well, instead of our back road travels, credit card problem and more rain we still liked our first stop on our adventure to Canada and Alaska. We are now at a  campground for an one night stay in Edmonton after a day that included more rain and then will have another long day drive to the Dawson Creek area in BC. No rain here in Edmonton and hope that continues for awhile on our drives and stays as we head north. Stay tuned.

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