Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Return to a Favorite Spot, Muncho Lake

We have stayed at several new campgrounds this trip. However, we have been looking forward to returning to Muncho Lake. There are two campgrounds at this Provincial Park, Strawberry Flats and McDonalds. Both are right off the Alaskan Hwy and right on the water. We thought about staying at McDonalds since we hadn't been there before but it was late in the afternoon and Strawberry Flats is the first one we come to and we wanted to make sure we got a spot. There are 15 sites with most on the water. They were all taken but we got one in the back row at the end near the loop where you can turn around. It still had pretty good views of the water. Besides, we noticed the people in the spot across from us on the water were leaving the next day, which they did. They left early in the morning and we quickly pulled in the slides and moved to that spot. It also is right on the water and we have an unobstructed view of the water. No hookups here and we pulled forward to get maximum coverage of the beautiful jade colored water and the lovely mountains across the way. The header picture I just added is one I took right from our campsite with a little painting effect that is an option on my camera.

This was our first night's spot

Our motor home is just a few feet from this spot

Last time we stayed here it was for about a week. We hadn't planned to stay that long but the ranger came by after a few days and said hoped we liked the spot as we were going to be there for another 4 or 5 days. The road ahead had washed out and they needed to repair it. We loved our spot and so were quite happy to spend more time here. The weather has been cool to cold and windy, which it seems it has been for the last little while with some rain as well. Our last day here turned out to be the only day we were really able to spend sitting outside. However, as I have said before, if you have to stay inside, the views ain't bad.

Savannah likes the view from the front window

We took several drives, including checking out McDonald;s, which is very nice and might be in the cards for a future Canada trip. We also went back south a little to have lunch at Toad River Lodge.
There is an interesting story on how it got it's name. Back in 142 when the Alaska Hwy was being built, there was a problem crossing the river as the bridge hadn't been built yet. Therefore, everyone had to be towed across. The owner of the establishment there named their lodge Towed River Lodge and somehow it became Toad River. The little cafe had pretty good food. It's claim to fame, though, is the thousands of hats on the walls. We had wished we brought one of our Anaheim Ducks Stanley Cup Winners Hat to add to the collection. Next time. We actually met a Chicago Blackhawks fan while we were there. We talked a little hockey, both of us agreeing that whoever won that series would go on to win the Cup, which as I am writing this a week or so later, it did come to pass that the Blackhawks won. The western teams have sure be dominate in the Finals the last 10 years, winning the majority of the games.

We enjoyed our 4 day stay at Muncho, but time to head further north. Well, actually not to far north. We drove only about an hour up the road to stay at Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park. We had driven up to soak in the hot springs our last trip, but thought it would be fun to stay at the park. This way we got in a couple of soaks.

The campground is very nice. Our site is close to the path to walk to the Hot Springs. There is a 5 dollar charge per person for the Hot Springs but is waived if you are staying at the campground. As the campground fees at the BC Provincial Parks are low to begin with, it is a good deal. To get to the Hot Springs, you walk on a boardwalk through warm water swamp and a lush boreal forest.

The Pools are the second hottest Springs in Canada and the temperatures range from around 107 to 125 degrees. There are 8 pools but only one for visitors to soak in. I had hurt my back stupidly lifting a heavy chair in the MH to pull an area rug from under it. I could hardly move without pain for a little while. I think the hot water helped heal my back sooner. The hot water felt so gooood!!!

We went in when we first got there and then later in the early evening. There are suppose to be a lot of moose around here but alas we didn't see any.

We just had an one night stay. We are headed for Skagway, Alaska with another one night stop on the way there.

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