Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Couple of Spots in the Trees and a Bridge in Canada

We left our first Canadian stop and drove up to Edmonton. We stayed at a commercial campground which was just okay. We got there late in the day and left the next morning. Our next stop on the 4th of June was Kiskatinaw Provincial Park just north of Dawson Creek. Dawson Creek is the start of the Alaskan Highway. We had stopped there on our last trip up here and so didn't stop again. The campground sites are well separated by spruce and poplar trees and some are on the river. The first picture was of a truck that had overturned on the road in. Someone was checking to see if anyone was still in it. Fortunately, we found out later, the driver was okay and someone was on the way to get it off the road.

All the riverside spots were taken. We first picked a large site and had pulled in when the ranger came over and said someone had just asked him to save the spot in this first come first serve campground as they would be back shortly. He said he would call them to see if they wanted a different spot but we said that wasn't necessary. We found another spot that was actually a double spot but no one else took the other spot and so it turned out okay. We could just get a peak of the water and there was a small path where we could walk down to the water's edge. We could see a peak of the Kiskatinaw Bridge which is the only original wood bridge still in use. Travelers often take a detour to drive across the bridge on their way north.

Bridge just below the tree tops
We took a drive in the Jeep to take some more pictures of the bridge.

Below is a picture of us in the motorhome as we crossed the wood bridge on our way out.

We had a long day's journey to our next stop with lots of beautiful scenery.

We made a stop  in Fort Nelson to do a little shopping. Joe was in the zone driving and so we continued on with an audio book to listen to helping out. We arrived at Tesla River Campground Regional Park in late afternoon. It was a former provincial park with nice sized spots again with lots of trees separating the sites.

We took another nice walk along another pretty river.

This was another one night stay. Another summer we would like to just do a Canadian trip up this way to stay longer at some of the great little spots we have been finding up here. Our next stop is one of our very  favorite campgrounds. Maybe number one or at least in the top 5. Below are a few pictures on the way to Muncho Lake. More on that in the next post.

This Stone Sheep was the first wildlife we have seen as we get close to Muncho Lake.
Just a note, I am just catching up on a couple of weeks of posts. We are now in the Fairbanks area and finally have good internet so I can blog. So many places advertise they have wi fi and then either say it's not working or only can be used in the office or for a short time use only. We don't remember this from the time we were here before. Oh well, it is nice not to know what crazy things are going on in the world for a little while. We have been watching the second season of House of Cards. Love this series.

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