Saturday, June 20, 2015

Staying in Denali

Our next stop is a return to Denali. Last time we stayed at a commercial campground but this time we were able to get two nights at one of the National Park campground, Riley Campground. In fact, by checking on their site frequently we ended up getting a third night. The campgrounds are very popular. One of the campgrounds is farther in the park but you have to stay 3 days and there weren't 3 days in a row available. The reason for the 3 day minimum is you are actually staying past the point in the park where you can drive to. To go farther you have to take a tour or shuttle bus. Anyway we were happy to get a few days in this lovely park.

Last tune we were here we didn't see any wild animals except a few moose near the campground. We saw a little more this time but not much. Again we did see moose a few times, again near the campground.

We drove out to the 15 mile point in the Jeep ouir first day there. Tomorrow we are going to take a tour farther into the park. Below are some pictures of our first day drive.

As you can tell from the pictures we are still having very cloudy days with at least some rain most days. That's Alaska for sure. I am just doing a short blog to catch up a little. We are getting ready to go to our next stop which doesn't have internet or wi fi and so not sure when I'll get to post again. My next post will be our tour of Denali.

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